Is it possible to puncture PVC sewer line under slab?

hadrian65February 11, 2007

I will shortly be finishing my basement. I intend to fasten the wall base plates to the slab with load-powered nails. The sanitary sewer line does run beneath the portion of the basement I will be working on. I am uncertain how deep the sewer lines run under the slab, and the nails I bought will penetrate no more than 1" Should I be concerned about putting a nail through one of these lines?

There are two places were the lines connect with the surface of the slab, both with a kind of PVC screw top outlet that is flush with the floor. Our builder (4 years ago) said something about these being back-up protectors. Should I be more concered around these fixtures if I am nailing?

Thank you for any help with these questions.


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Hadrian, the "screw top outlet" you are referring to is the cleanout for the line. It is angled to the vertical downcoming sewer lines, is it not? That gives access so you can run an auger down into the line to remove clogs if necessary. That's why it's located above the slab.

The slab itself should be at least 5" thick, and the sewer lines are buried under the slab. Where the downcoming sewer line enters the slab, it would be under the BOTTOM of the slab, before it bends to run horizontally with a slope to connect to the city line on the street. So the farther away from that entry point, the line will be deeper (more below the bottom of the slab).

With the 1" depth of penetration, you should not have a problem.


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