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mahatmacat1February 2, 2010

on two glasses, one with a clear Anchor-Hocking set of labels!

Here's the first, a beautiful crystal 16 oz. goblet that makes a wonderful ping :) (and you know how I love that ping):

Here's the Anchor-Hocking:

Another angle:

Anyone have any ideas on these? I've written Anchor Hocking directly about these tumblers. They're pretty heavy, too, because of the thickness. Very delicious to hold.

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Maybe the museum guy might know. I doubt that the company will know anything--it's been bought and sold quite a few times, and has closed many plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anchor Hocking Museum

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Well, the goblet is a "amberina-ish" glass. I can't think that a cabneret would look very good in it, nor a chablis!
Amberina was "invented" by the newingland Glass company and therew as a big deal with some other glass company stealing their method and a law suit...
But to the best of by knowledge, it was always pressed and your glass appears blown. Best guess would ba one of a beautiful set of amber to clear flint goblets.
The other is just one of the many many patterns the A-H made. No idea wen....but likely in the past 50 years or so.
Sorry....that's the best I can do.
Linda C

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I can't tell from the photo, but is the lip particularly thick? More so than a regular drinking glass? I ask this because several years ago I purchased a similar looking vessel, very heavy, simple lines, that turned out to be a vase and not a drinking glass at all. So maybe you have a vase and that's why you can't find the pattern under glasses. Just a thought.

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We're back!

idee, I had found that museum -- but he takes questions only for a $25 payment now. I can understand that, given how little support he got from AH for building his museum. Would be nice if he had a comprehensive *online* display, too, but that's all his prerogative.

linda, thanks so much for the history on 'amberina' glass. I know blenko/other WVA did amberina (at least that's what it's called) blown glass, but the background on how it was developed is fascinating. When replacements replied, they categorized it as "amber/topaz bowl and stem", so I think you're on to something about the amber to clear concept. Thanks!

And peachy, that's interesting--I think, though, that these are definitely tumblers, not vases. There are four of them, they just "feel" like tumblers...they're so wonderfuul--the pillowed faceting captures light so gorgeously, our DD oohed and aahed as she took them out of the DW last night (yes, I dw'd them; since they have that "sure guard" guarantee I figured it would be o.k. :)). I'll keep trying to find a book that will have them. So far, the local stores have yielded nothing.

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That is a very cool goblet, fly.

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Thanks, moon. It's so big in person--hard to communicate that--but it holds 16 oz, like a big tumbler. And so delicate at the same time. Nice contrast. I think linda's right, it would have to be for water. Just wish I could ID it!

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I've done some searching out of curiosity. Nothing like your goblet yet, but I do see a lot of places calling 16 ozers "iced tea goblets". Thought that was kind of interesting.

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Iced tea goblet? There's a concept...I guess you wouldn't put a lot of actual ice in this...thanks, moon! I'll start looking with that term too.

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Iced tea goblets have a shorter stem than your goblet. that's a water.

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I know the short stemmed ones you speak of lindac. But in searching I did see more than a few with a long stem labeled as iced tea. I'd point out some but don't feel like doing the search again. ;)

fly, is this another one of your finds? So it could be older/artisan rather than mass produced?

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Many things are called different names by different what the maker called a berry spoon is often listed asa casserole spoon.
I based my statwement on listings from makers of crystal that offer a full line of glasses,,,,from water to iced tea to burgundy toi] claret to sherry, white wine cordials and brandy.,,,oh yes and champagne glsses too.
I often use myt water goblets for red winbe....but that doesn't make them a red wine glass, and I use my saucer champagnes for sherbet....but they are still champagne glasses.
But all this isn't finding out who made that glass and when...
I remember a trip to venice when our hotel was across the "street" from an elegant glass shop....thginking perhaps Italian?

Linda C

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But all this isn't finding out who made that glass and when

Actually it is relevant. My reason for pointing out what I saw was because some of the results were from larger retailers or businesses, not individual sellers. So I figured doing some searches at various engines using the term 'iced tea' might help. (Even if it's an incorrect label for the item. Searching incorrectly applied terms or common misspellings can often be fruitful as well.)

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moon & linda, I just figure any and all possible paths will help. Not ruling anything out! They are more of my finds :) -- they really stood out as I gave a cursory glance down the aisle. They're so thin and crisp, iykwim, and so muanced in their coloration. They could be anything, I guess. There are four of them, and one of them has less of the blue tones near the top--it goes back to a slightly bluish clear, not really tipping over toward the blue as the others do. So they're not completely identical. I don't know...

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Ok...moon, I understand now....a rose my any other name is still a red flower....or something like that! LOL!
They are hand made likely....and not part of a "line"....are they all just the same height and diamweter?
Hate this itty bitty lap top....but it's better than nothing!

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"muanced": def. subtle coloration of a cow's coat.

SORRY! Of course I meant Nuanced LOL...

I'll check the height/etc. tomorrow - as I recall, they are.

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"muanced": def. subtle coloration of a cow's coat

ahaahaa, ROLF! ;D

There's an antique metalware maker whose work I used to follow on eBay. Commonly snagged a tidy sum. About 10% of the time his last name was spelled with an "i" where an "e" should have been. Those 10% winners had some good scores!

I thought you had only the one. Four of those beauties?! Sounds like another example of artisan's work you've found, since one is different? *shakes head in envy + disbelief*
How do you do it?

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