painting over a sticky concrete floor?

elenalFebruary 23, 2006

Hi: My DH and I have just ripped up decades of linoleum in our basement. We're now down to the concrete, and we want to paint the concrete floor--nothing fancy--we just want the basement to look clean and fresh. We burned and scaped off the final layer of the linoleum and now have a sort of sticky (adhesive residue), somewhat bumpy concrete floor.

We're thinking that the paint won't adhere well to the floor (I don't mind the bumps), and I am worried that the paint will chip, bubble and generally rub off the concrete floor if we paint it in its current state. I really, really don't want to sandblast the floor bec. of the dust and expense. Does anyone have suggestions--is there some super solvent that we can pour on to get the concrete into paintable shape? Thanks.

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I dont know anything about solvents, but if you dont mind the bumps, how about painting a small section and see if the paint adhered to the adhesive? If it does, you can just do the rest of the floor.

I just painted my concrete floor (it was in good shape)and I painted over some latex primer drips and some wood chips that had adhered to the floor with the primer. Concrete paint seems to adhere to both the wood chips and the latex primer drops ok. I used Drylok.

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Thanks so much--I appreciate the suggestion, and will give it a try this weekend. Just to be clear, did you use Drylok as a primer (or, as a kind of pre-primer). Thanks.

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I used the drylok paint. First coat is thinned with water (per label) second coat is full strength. Pretty easy job and makes a big difference. Good luck

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Thanks so much--we'll give that a try!

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