Circus-theme dinerware for grown-ups?

lauraheadJune 1, 2009

Ever since dining at Le Cirque 2000 in New York City, I have wanted fabulous sophisticated circus-themed dishes. Anybody know of any designers or sources? Gien makes some (which I don't really like). Everything seems aimed at kids. Thanks!

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Try posting in the *Antiques and Collectibles Forum* or the *Decorating Forum* or maybe even in *The Kitchen Forum*. You'll get more responses.

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Wrong forum but I have to ask, what are "sophisticated circus-themed dishes"?

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I am assuming that you have scoured the internet for them but I am going to throw this one out anyway...........have your looked at the Villeroy and Bock 'Le Cirque' collection? If you buy it piece by piece and mix it with some solid colors and banded white pieces, you may be able to get a complete table setting that meets you expectations.
Maybe even mix it with pieces that are white with just balloons, or just monkeys or just elephants.

I happen to know that Villeroy and Boch make the china tableware for many fine restaurants and hotel chains and according to my research for you they DO make the china for Le Cirque. I could not find if they continue their business relationship with the re-opening of Le Cirque in 2006 though. There is a possibility that if you contact V&B that they may sell the pieces you desire or maybe sell 'seconds' of the china you want.

Have you considered calling the restaurant and asking to buy some of their pieces? Some place WILL do this. The only way to find out is to call and ask or write to them.

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