Bosch induction 300 or 500 series

runnermomx2January 3, 2014

We are in the final steps of purchasing our appliances for our kitchen remodel.
Is there a significant difference or advantage to the 30" or 36" size?
How about the series, 300 or 500? 800 is more than we need.

What hood would be recc'd with this 30" cooktop?

Thank you in advance for your replies! These forums have been invaluable!

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im choosing the bosch 30" oven, but i guess you are talking about a cooktop. I would go with 36" if you can fit it, 30" will be pretty small.

dont know difference between 300 and 500 series, at least with the ovens there is more settings and retractable knobs. Go on and research them both to see.

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I have the Bosch 500 series cooktop, 30". It isn't small at all, but it does have 4 burners vs. 5 (I find that I never need more than 4 at the same time).

The one thing I love about the Bosch (I have the 500, in use for just under 2 weeks) is the individual timers on each hob. I think the 300 has that too. The link is to another GW thread comparing the various models. I think the 500 has "direct power selection" and the 300 does not (not sure how you select the power level), and the 500 has stainless trip on the two long sides, while the 300 is all glass.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch induction cooktops

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I just looked at a picture of the 300 series cooktop and the power selection appears to me (from a fuzzy picture) the +/- kind. Given that, I'd choose the 500. As I said I've only had the unit in use for 2 weeks, but I find I'm often pressing a new power level -- it's nice not to have to "scroll" to go from 9 to 2 and back up again to 5, for example.

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After too much googling, I wish I could wrap my head around the Autochef feature. Is there a memory "setting" involved? e.g. does it store a previous temperature? Where is this temperature displayed? It seems like Bosch could put explain this feature better.

I also lean toward the User Interface of the 800 series. Having direct access to the setting you want seems better than finger tap and hold or however the Bosch 500/300 unit behaves. Is it tap and hold; or tap, tap, tap?

Seems that Bosch has only a one year warranty, at this time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Warranty Information

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Bend-or, you've got some of the differences between models wrong. The 300 is tap-tap-tap. The 500 is "direct access" with the "buttons" on the glass just above the stainless steel strip. The 800 is also "direct access" with the "buttons" on the stainless steel strip itself. Here's a picture of the 500. Can you see the numbers in the photo? There are numbers from 0 to 9 with dots in between each two numbers which are half-steps.

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I have the 30" Bosch 300. It is all glass, which is what I strongly preferred, having no wish to chase little crumbs and bits of grease from the corners of the metal frame. (Been there.) Also, I needed the minimalist look of floating glass on my busy quartz.

Functionally, it's not exactly tap-tap-tap. Press the cooktop ON button then select your element by tapping its + key once. It goes directly to power 9, high. Press the + button once more for boost. After that, just press and hold the - button and it scrolls smoothly through all the settings, which include half-steps. Press + to go back up, all the way to boost if you wish. Very fast. Very easy to see and use. All the hobs have simple timers (which I rarely use).

I have never needed a fifth element, though I did initially want the 36". But after seeing the cabinetry I'd lose, I let it go. Budget-wise, I don't think the cost difference is significant so if you have the space and don't mind the frame, the 36" model 500 would be a good choice. As I've said here before, I am deliriously happy with my Bosch, and everyone who has used it--even those experienced with induction--has been impressed with the performance.

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Those clarification about the User Interface helps a lot, sjhockeyfan and MizLizzie! Thank you!!!

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"Is there a significant difference or advantage to the 30" or 36" size? "

Other than having the fifth hob, you lose countertop space. That is why I chose the 30" cooktop on our island. I wanted more food prep space and a larger landing area for items from the wall oven. Those 6" are important to me. Only once in 19 years have I needed a fifth burner, so know I can live without it.

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sjhockeyfan............are you still loving that Bosch?

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Every single day! But ( and it's a pretty big but) I don't think the new 500 series units have direct-select temperature, which is one of the best features of mine.

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I almost pulled the trigger on the 500 a few minutes ago when I realized the direct-select wasn't on it anymore!

I'm glad I dither, because I would have been disappointed once I realized that feature wasn't included like the older model.

So psyched that we don't have to change our amp service, now, too. We have a 40 amp radiant cooktop on 30 amp service by way of the previous owners. Guess it's a good thing we never used all the burners on full ;)

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alex, not sure if this means you didn't order anything. But FYI, the new Bosch 800 series (30 inch) uses 30 amp service. (And it has direct-select temp.)

Apologies if I misunderstood your post....

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OH YES! I ordered :) It had everything I wanted and needed, plus that auto-chef thing that I'm not sure about.

Arrives on the 6/10, yippee!

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Dang! When did the 500 change the temp selection interface? We ordered ours in March and it is in place, but not hooked up. It's also 90 miles from here. Oh well, It's not like I'm gonna change it now, I should really stop looking at this forum!

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I think this is more or less stated thought the various replies, but the 500 series in 36" still has the direct select. Only the 30" does not.

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While on the topic of changes to this year's Bosch induction lineup, it seems like they substantially reduced the prices. I paid $1,436 for the 30 inch Bosch 800.

Thoughts on this? Induction just becoming more mainstream? Pushing down prices on the 500 and 800 since they have a new top end? I guess I'm hoping to hear they didn't cheap out on anything for this year...

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I noticed that as well after I had already bought and installed my 500 series cooktop. Love it though, so I'm not complaining.

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I just wanted to report on my first use of this year's Bosch 800 series 30" induction cooktop.

It was delivered on June 23rd, while I was out of town. I returned home just yesterday and DH and I removed the old countertop, installed the new one and the cooktop. It was after 6pm, so I cooked up some frozen ravioli and heated sauce for a quick dinner and it performed beautifully. It took just minutes for the sauce to heat through. The huge pot of water came to a boil much faster than on my radiant cooktop. Dinner was a snap, and I needed that tonight!

I haven't put it through it's paces but so far I'm smitten. I'm very glad I went with the 800 and direct select. I appreciate fast and the selection tool, along with the responsiveness, is just that.

I'm not one who loves cooking, but I love good food so I cook! I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces.

Oh, and I didn't get hot! I have no ventilation, a 7 ft kitchen ceiling and live in a hot and humid climate. I'm always overheated after fixing dinner and that was not the case this evening.

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So glad you like it!

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