Landlady old, & not taking care of the duplex....getting worse.

organic_mariaJune 25, 2009

I need to get this off my chest. I completely blew about 15 minutes ago and started to snap more pictures!!!

Landlady is 88 years old. Diabetic, half deaf, half blind. we've been living in this place for 7 years now. Place was old....built in 1903. so we put in some work to fix it. Paint, fixed all the electrical wires to be embedded inthe walls and not hanging with extention cords. Fixed the bathroom ceiling..there was a hole in it from water leakage....(she says the roof was fixed and is good for another 10 years.) But we foudn out the chimney is where the leaking is comign from. She's asked m y hubby to fix it. He can do the work, but she wont be insured if he does it and if it causes damage to the roof, then she wont be covered by that compnay either!

So over the years , we fix little things we can. out of our own pocket mind you. The rent is low but fora reason. Its a 5 1/2, and with no heat included. So its fair.

Now things are breaking that need professional help. Let me list

1. the chimney, still not fixed,been 6 years now.

2. Garage , entirely leaking...ive lost boxes of my i'v eplastified everything. The roof there was patched by the neighbour and my hubby ....this year....he said he wont go onto it. structurally unsafe.

3. Front balcony, rotting away, she needs a professional. she exxpects my husband to place something on top....uh no son already put his foot through a hole! we covered it for now witha 2 by 4...

4. Fire escaped. One broken step at the beginnning...we there is 5 broken steps along with racoons coming in and nesting...

5. Leaks in the bathroom now and in the kitchen by the chimney getting mold in the bathroom in the last 3 months.

6. Last month dh sister came over with her boyfriend. He grabbed the rail to put on his shoes, railing came off in his hand!!! and i caught him before he went head first down the stairs...we live onthe second floor...16 steps down and up...

7. Since April of htis years, WE HAVE MICE!!!!! Jsut took a picture of a big fat dead mouse next to my cat must have played with him..and he cought a baby mouse last night and lost that one.:(

Yes ,im in the process of pakcing and buying a place .Have to wait for the paper work to go through officially. Then i will hand her a letter to terminate the lease. Its an indeterminant lease. No set end date was written. My friend looked it over and i spoke to my accountant. He said this is a month to month lease. You cna tell her with a letter at the beginnningof the month that you will leave at the end of the month.

I haven't gone to the rental board becusae she's been goood to us and we dont want her in trouble.......i just hope to God she doesnt' turn around to refuse. I'm been told its month to month so there is nothing she can do about it. BUT i've taken pics as back up....

What do you guys think???? oh yah, I have spoken to her on the phone about all this in the last 2 months...

p.s Her tree in the back was rotting with fungus...we told her she needsto get it touch it she says..well.Last year . IT FELL INTHE MIDDLE OF THE YARD. I was racking 1 hour prior and my sons swing was there...we could have been killed...took pics of that as well!

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I haven't gone to the rental board becusae she's been goood to us and we dont want her in trouble.......i just hope to God she doesnt' turn around to refuse. I'm been told its month to month so there is nothing she can do about it. BUT i've taken pics as back up....

If she's 88 years old she is in all likelihood quite set in her ways at this stage and not much is going to change that. Has everything to do with her age and not much to do with whether she's a LL or not. Perhaps it is a matter of her not having funds to do extensive repairs, especially if rent is quite low? If that's the case, she probably shouldn't be renting the unit any longer.

What is it you're concerned she might refuse? Terminating the lease, or returning a Sec Dep?

If you are on a month to month lease, typically you only need to give her 30 days written notice and you're good to go. Same goes for her, she can do that as well and it's terminated. (Google your state's landlord tenant laws for specifics on that.) And on a month to month cancellation, neither party needs to give a zillion reasons nor documentation, it's just finished with the 30 day notice. Only when the contract is being broken (such as leaving in middle of 1 year term) is documentation necessary.

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Your profile says you are in Canada. Check the Canadian laws.

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Sounds like a nightmare. Yeah some of them old ones set in there ways so much they try to make you live like they are. Just got out of a place that wasnt that great, but your problems are so much worse, hope you can get out soon.

I would still recommend taking pics and stuff even if you are on a month to month. You never know what will happen when they find out your moving.

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I have checked the laws. Thanks,
I can terminate in 30 days with absolutely no explaination. And there is nothing she can do about it.
I just feel bad for her. Its really not her fault. But at the same time , its best if we go and maybe this will force her to sell the building. because she is not taking care of it, she refuses to put money into it. My husband and i are getting the telephone numbers of the kids in ontario from a neighbour across the street. We do honestly care about her. We will leave. I'm about to sign for a house next week:) yes it will cost more but its an investment. I have a notice of non-renewal that i will send by registered mail. Then we will contact her children to notify them in person what are plans are , this way they can come down and act on their ends.
Just found out yesterday that her sister is gravely ill and my landlady has bascially hid in her house now.
I've taken pics but i'm sure i wont need them for the landlady...i'll save them and file them away.

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