Looking For Information on This Platter

country_bumpkin_alFebruary 3, 2010


Symbol on Back:

I know these aren't the greatest pictures, but I was in a storage building..using my cell phone!

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I can't get the mark any larger, do you know what the words are? Something Crest I think. I'll look later & see if I can find anything. Taking mom to have cataract surgery so checking in as couldn't get on last night, site down for maintenance (missed it!!! guess that means I'm hooked!!) Oh, It seems like similar to "Cattails" I think it that is any help.

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I think the mark is Grant Crest... pattern is Pink Crocus...see these links:




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That's it. Didn't find anything about the Grantcrest Co. But interesting that Cat-Tail by Universal Potteries of Cambridge, Ohio used the same blank for the platter. Wonder if they were connected. This had Sears Roebuck & Co. on it so they commissioned it for their catalog from 1934-1956 so I have an idea that is the age of your dishes. Universal used Cat-Tail design on kitchenware,tinware,glassware,furniture & table linens. So popular patterns often got other companies started with similar patterns.

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Just go to Google & type in Grantcrest china & it was the large dimestore W.? Grant. (Forgot the 2nd initial of the man-long day got up at 3 am.) Anyway you can learn more there!!

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