What a jerk!

redpennyJune 24, 2007

I took my son you is 28 yrs old to see apartment on Saturday which this guy was a real MORON!My son had called earlier in the week to set up appt! Well when we got there he was a Rental agent

sitting in a Rental office not really furnished and playing on his cell phone like he was receiving numerous call on this 1 bedroom...................Like people are crazy he kept hitting the ringer on his cell phone what a moron..when we asked to see the apartment he said you are looking at a model and if you want to see the apt you have to put "deposit down" and there are apart's with "old" kitchens and apartments with newer cabinets.....he didn't say if it was on the 1st flr or the 2nd flr had laundry facilites nothing.

So I told this jerk off 1st. He needs to grow up and quit hitting his cell phone ringer like he he getting several calls for this apt! we have been here for the last past half hr waiting on you and I haven't seen a single person in line to view it and 2nd that I didn't appreciate him wasting our gas and time to set up and appt. to see apt and then only to be told you have to put a depost down to view apt get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It never ceases to amaze me the $$ complexes charge for trying to get into an apartment. Charging for just viewing is ridiculous. And the ringer deal? Sounds like the guy had a couple screws loose and wanted you to feel pressured to pay the money to see the goods. If you encountered that up front, I bet your son would encounter many more obstacles during his tenancy had he chosen to live there.

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Sometimes landlords are really doing prospective tenants a great favor when they act like rude, obnoxious jerks upfront. You can see right then you do NOT want them as your landlord. Sadly Landlords can develop some kind of "God" complex just because they have some property.

This guy probably did you and your son a huge favor in the end, what an idiot! :)

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Yes this idiot did do a huge favor in the end for my son...
Charging for just viewing is ridiculous and I am also going to contact Realtor board Monday being this was done thru a Rental Company with licensed agents in regard to this situation! This was ridiculous and very unprofessional!

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Just when you think you've heard everything! I'd sure contact everyone that might listen about that rude guy. Hope you have his name. He sure didn't seem too anxious to rent it.

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A "deposit for viewing"?!? I would have been laughing on the way out the door. It's too bad you had to waste your time and gas for such a bad experience. Thanks for sharing, sometimes we all need to vent about our experiences.

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What a great country, or what a great market when someone can treat potential customers like garbage, and still remain in business.

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My best friend is getting ready to transfer from one apt to another one in the same complex. They actually told her they cannot let her "see" her new apt til she signs the lease! HA! We ended up muscling our way in, and to no ones surprise the place was dirty and no where near ready to rent out. It amazes me what some landlords try to get by people.

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they cannot let her "see" her new apt til she signs the lease!

that's borderline fraudulent. They want her to be committed to, and open about, her half of the lease, without them being open about their half. Or committed to it, bcs if they don't specify which apartment, they can change it later.

What kind of dishonorable person would want to force someoen to give up money without showing them what they are going to get for it?

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