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angel_037June 13, 2006

Well, my neighbors finally cleaned up there garbage bags but that is only because inspection was coming. But you will never guess how many garbage bags they had in there back yard..... take a guess..... over 30 bags of trash. HOLY CRAP!!! They are the dirtiest people I ever came across. There children are outside right now alone again at 8 a.m. The youngest is sleeping on the swinging chair they have on there front porch. I do not think the parents are home or even know where they are. Now they need to work on the weeds and parenting skills. I just wish they would move. A disgrunted home owner.:(

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make sure they dont just pile stuff again, and if they get out of hand, call child services, that should get to them.

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Hi Neoadorable, I did contact child services because they locked there 3 children out of the house, ages, 3, 6 & 7. But nothing became of it because they left. The mom and 3 children packed and moved to virginia. The dad is living there but the landlord finally saw how the house was and is evicting them and selling the house. I am excited about this because no more loud music or loud mother screaming or loud children getting into everything. They of course again are leaving there garbage bags out back building up again. But soon they will be gone. Thanks:) Kim

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