Basement Carpet Edge

andrewtegFebruary 28, 2007

We removed some paneling in our basement and applied Drylok to the walls. We want to just leave the painted concrete as the finish is good. However, the carpet does not go to the edge because it was put down when there was paneling so there is a couple inch gap.

Does anyone have any recommendation for a way to make the gap between the edge of the carpet and the newly painted wall look nicer? Our thoughts are

1. Complimentary carpet squares

2. Just painting the concrete floor

3. Really wide molding (?)

We're not sure how the end result would look since it's just a few inches of bare floor.



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Also, you could use a complimentary vinyl tile around the perimeter.
Trim back the carpet to accomodate the tile. Also, install a transition molding between carpet and tile.


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I would try to find a molding if it were me.....

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