Foundation crack repair for DIYer

mrmichaeljmooreFebruary 25, 2008

Does anyone have any experience with either of these two companies products?:

Radon Seal Crack Repair



Their DIY crack repair packages both look very similar.

I had a rep from "The Crack Team" [] come out and give me an estimate.

The estimate for the crack repair is $600.

The crack is a "standard" crack. Not near a is from the top of the poured foundation wall to the bottom....about 8 feet. It leaks occasionally....

The two above DIYer companies offer what seems to be the same thing that The Crack Team offers....

an injectable urethane that expands in the wall. The DIY kits are around $150.

So, I am thinking of trying the DIYer version from either Radon Seal or Emecole. It would save me a good chunk of change....about $450....

Anyone have any advice or experiences to relate?

Anyone use any of the DIY kits?

Thanks for the help.

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I don't have hands on experience, but I did consider them and also did a lot of reading - then went with crack team, since I would be finishing the basement and had several cracks and didn't wan to make a DIY error on any of them. So I paid the price for their experience and to watch and learn.

Yes, you can do it - not that hard at all. But from my reading, etc., it seems that the main issue is to to get the right blend of water in each port to activate the urethane - that's why crack team uses a double caulk gun to get around this.

I acutally bought a competing product (still have it), and when I went through their instructions of first injecting each port with water, followed by the urethane, I realized that I could end up with voids in the crack. Not sure if that's an easy error to make, but that was my main worry. So I suggest you understand their procedure for filling the ports before you buy, and decide if that's right for you. The "just use a regular caulk gun" had me wondering. If you know how the water is added appropriately, please tell me.

Hope this helps.

One more thing - might be worth it to talk to a local waterproofing supplier. That's what I did. They have lots of stuff.

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Thanks for the response, homebound.

The advantage I have is that the crack is on the unfinshed side of my basement. So, if I screw it up, I could always have the crack tem come in a "re-do" it, I guess.
I called the RadonSeal company yesterday and asked him just that.......
If I try it, but it doesnt work or I screw it up, does that preclude a pro from coing in and fixing it?
The guy laughed and said no one had ever asked that question....and he told me not to worry, that I shouldn't have a problem...

I think I may give one of the DIY kits a try.


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Good luck with it. If any of the crack is above grade outside, don't forget to first patch it with epoxy, too (or bondo, etc.) so your urethane doesn't ooze all over the place.

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I purchased the Crack Repair Kit from emecole today.

Planning on giving it a try when I get a chance here over the next few weeks.....

I'll post my results.

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I used Emecole urethane foam DIY injection kit (2 cracks) and it worked like a charm. The cracks ranged from hairline width near floor to nearly 1/8th inch at top. Injecting the hairline location was a pain but after that it was very easy. Highly recommend.

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Updates, anyone...? How did it work? Is it holding up? Has anyone else tried to fix a crack with polyurethane injection?

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I agree with one of the answers below regarding patching the surface crack with an epoxy mortar paste before injecting with epoxy or polyurethane. Hydro-Epoxy Mortar works great for patching cracks prior to injecting them.
Hydro-Seal 75 mixed with dry cement & sand or concrete Sand Mix at a ratio of 4 parts Sand Mix to 1 part Hydro-Seal 75 is how you made Hydro-Epoxy Mortar.

When sealing basements with Hydro-Seal 75 and Hydro-Epoxy mortar I apply my 1st coat of Hydro-seal 75 with a 1/2" nap roller and then go back and patch all cracks and holes with Hydro-Epoxy Mortar using a wide putty knife or taping knife. The sencond coat of Hydro-Seal 75 fills in all the pores and gives the basement a beautiful painted look in either White or Gray. This material does not peel off and does not support mold growth.

While Hydro Seal is an epoxy material, it is a water based product with no smell and can be cleaned off your hands and tools with water or a wet towel or rag.
I always finish 2 coats on the walls before I start my floor.

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Hello, I know this is a few years later but might help someone reading this form. I also got estimates from a professional company (Leave unnamed) and they quoted me $900 to do 2 cracks. I researched online and found the above mentioned crack repair companies but when I called to get help over the phone they we were not so helpful and kept referring me to go on there website. Then I found a company by the name of flexomeric. and I purchased 2 kits (they were $89/kit) and I can say its been 18 months now and that crack is dry as a bone. They were helpful over the phone and even answered my question while I was repairing the crack. I recommend to anyone who has a concrete cracks and wants to repair it themselves.

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