they babysitting grandkids, extremely disruptive children, can I

Help3June 23, 2012

they babysitting grandkids, extremely disruptive children, can I file a complaint.

I am a tenant who lives in low income Housing. I have a problem with a tenant neighbors of mine who is a grandma and every weekday from 8am-7pm babysitting her grandchildren.

I have reason to believe she babysitting because from Monday through Friday from 8am-7pm three kids are in her house. And when the mother/father come and pick them up, they walk straight to the directly of the housing parking lot. Obviously they are NOT resident in this housing complex.

And our housing complex have two playground and a basketball court. Each of our apartment, we have our own grass area and stairs. Her grandchildren who everyday in the morning refuse to play at their side of their apartments, but going through my side of apartment, my window, my stairs running up and down loudly. Screaming, also playing with rocks and throwing rocks around right outside MY apartment windows.

Please keep in mind, they also have their apartments windows, why not play at their side? Or why not go to a playground to play, but keep going to my area and play.

Not to mention those kids are not always supervise, sometimes grandma are cooking and doing other things and leave them running around.

Everyday I have to deal with crying, screaming, running of grandchildren who are NOT resident at where I live.

I find this to be unfair and I plan to file an offcial complaint on them. But the housing laws say grandparents are allow to have Guest in their house in the daytime. These children are here every weekday as her guest, and being disruptive to other neighbors.

I know landlord don't like complainer, but I have enough of this. I really want to file a complaint. So my question, as a tenant, do I have the rights to complaint against neighbors tenant who are having disruptive guest in her home 5 days a week, every week?

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Yes, you have the right to complain about the noise. Not the grandkids, but the noise that they make. Also the rock-throwing right by your windows--they could break one of the windows!

What I'd do in your situation is keep a record of all the noise for a week. Write down the day, the time and what the noise was.

"June 25. 8 am. Yelling outside my bedroom window. Woke me up. Saw the three children right outside."

"June 25. 8:30 am. Yelling outside my living room window. Could not hear the TV; had to turn the volume up. Saw the three children right outside."

"June 25, 9:00 am. Yelling and running on stairs. Could not hear radio over the noise. Same three children involved."

Give a copy of this record to the landlord as part of your complaint.

Check your lease carefully to see if there are any regulations about noise, use of common areas and stairs. If there are, mention them when making your complaint.

When you make your complaint, make it clear that you just want the noise to stop. You are not complaining that someone has guests. You just want the guests to behave in a way that respects those who live in the apartments--no running, no throwing rocks, no yelling.

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Thank you, I will do that.
I have talk to a on site property manager, and she seem to not care. Since they are children who just playing outside during the DAYTIME. So I plan to bring this to future action and actually file a complain through the housing authorities, they say once I file a complain, the manager have no choice but to investigate and do a follow up to them. Manager is not the landlord. If manager cannot help me, then I think I can go find the landlord.
I can argue that those kids are not tenant here, they are being babysit, and being drop off to the grandma everyday by someone who is not a resident here. Plus when there are playgrounds in the complex, then they should not have any excuse why to run on other neighbors area.
Can I request them to check into if those kids are resident here or not? Not to mentioned the grandma might getting pay for babysitting, not that I can prove anything since her son can just lie and say not pay her.
But living in a section 8 Housing there are rules to not babysitting business. But is just the rules that since they are staying there daytime and do not sleep overnight, that make them only "guest", and they have all the rights to have as much guest as they want during the daytime.

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I would steer clear of the resident issue and the babysitting issue.

If they investigate the noise issue, and you tell them which apartment the kids belong to, they will figure out that the kids don't live there.

But bringing up those issues, if the management doesn't like complaints, won't do you any favors with management. Stick to the noise issue. Yes, it is during the day time. But if it is very loud and very often, that means that other tenants are being disturbed. And that isn't fair.

Don't just say the kids are noisy. Be specific as to how their noise affects you. You can't hear your radio or TV, they wake you up from a nap, their yelling startles you or frightens you. And don't forget to mention the rock and stick throwing--that could get someone hurt.

It might also be good to say what you would like to happen. Explain that you understand that kids play outside and make noise. But you want that noise moved to directly outside *their* apartment, not yours. Or to one of the playgrounds. You aren't asking that the kids stay indoors all day, or never make a sound. You are asking that their noise be moved away from your apartment, or that the noise level be lowered.

If you show the manager you have reasonable expectations, they may be more willing to work with you.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Section eight rules are fairly strict and I would complain using the ideas posted above. I would complain to the section eight housing authority, NOT the landlord.

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