Saniflo uplush basement toilets

jarvinenFebruary 21, 2011

Anyone have any experience with SaniFlo (upflush) toilets in the basement? We do not have plumbing roughed in, and this seems like the best option for pumping our waste/gray water up into the septic.

I would like to hear from anyone with opinions. Thank you.

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Perhaps technology has changed over the years, but I grew up with one of these and hated it.

My dad put one in becuase our house only had 1 bathroom - and it was his. The man spent half his life on the crapper while me, my mom ,and sister had to wait around with a cork in it until the king came out.

One day my dad reads an aritcle on a business trip about these up-flush toilets. Since our basement did not have rough in, and the king did not want to chisle up the concrete - in went the up-flush.

At first, we 3 marveled at the new appliance. And it sure was nice to have a spot - albeit right next to the gas heater and work bench - to drop off a package or two.

But then came the trouble. Sis put too much paper and clogged the up-flush. Mom could never get the hang of the handle (ALWAYS PUSH FIRST to Fill - THEN PULL to drain) mechanism. If you did not follow that simple rule - what a mess. And trying to contain the laughter from my friends who came over and couldn't ring the bowl because they were laughing so hard at this monstrosity of a toilet was just too much to bear.

Do yourslef a favor. Rent a jack hammer and put the plumbing in for a real toilet.

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We have something in our basement. I just's a Zoeller Qwik Jon. Is that anything similar to what you're looking at? If so, we have no problems with it at all. We've lived here 6-1/2 years and the people before us put it in...they were here 3 years. You flush it like a normal toilet. (I think it is a normal toilet...just the huge thing next to it is what I'm talking about) It sounds like it pushes everything up ever other flush. It's one of the few things in this house we HAVEN'T had trouble with. :)

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