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gwatersFebruary 10, 2009

I have a finished basement, but the one exterior wall is a bit cold. Thinking of going with XPS over the poured cement, attached with firring strips, then sheetrock attached to the firring strips. I have hot water heat, with one unit on that wall. If I build a 1 x 3 frame around it so that the frame is between the heating unit and the XPS/sheetrock, would that be acceptable? Thinking of doing the same thing in my garden level, where the lower half of the wall is poured, upper half is sheetrocked...any thoughts on that would be appreciated, too!

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is the basement finished or unfinished...unclear? Why do you need a 1 X 3 wall in back of the water heater?

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I think he means build a frame around the baseboard heater so it will be surrounded by insulation board. I don't think the heat would be a problem for the xps, but I'm no expert. Maybe the airflow through the fins would be impeded but hopefully not too much.

I have to do the same around my window and door. Haven't figured that one out either yet.

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Yep, its baseboard hot water heat, wanted to isolate it from the XPS...basement is finished, but the exterior walls are simply painted foundation walls...

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I bet the insulation will help.
I've heard that for people who have wood stoves in the basement that the bare walls can suck away the heat.

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