Creating Crawl Space access in floor???

celte_cailleachFebruary 26, 2007

We are in the process of putting a mudroom onto the house and have poured a cement floor crawlspace.. My husband wants to access it from inside the mudroom HOWEVER, we were planning on putting in tile flooring. Any suggestions other than a 'secret entrance' through the storage bench? :)

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While I don't recall ever seeing it done in a residential structure it is quite common to install floor hatches into a crawl space in schools, hospitals or other commercial structures.

The least expensive method is to install a metal frame & metal hatchcover howeve they do make a metal metal frame with a hatchcover that is formed as a shallow pan so they can install the same ceramic material on the cover to match the floor which then only leaves the outline of the frame and hatchcover plainly visible.

You would probably need to consult a masonary contractor supply house to find these covers.

They also offer these type of hatche frames and covers in Brass which would provide a better finished appearance as well as a much greater resistance to corrosion.

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