WOOHHOOO Update on Rowhome:)

angel_037June 24, 2006

Well, finally after writing a letter to our neighbors landlord about how horrible his property is because of the tenants, he came to see for himself and he sure did NOT like what he saw. He told them to clean up the house and the yard and throw away the garbage and they did not. When he returned, he was livid. He is now selling the house and they have to be out after he goes through his eviction. But the mother already moved out with her children to Virginia today and the husband is living at the house still here. But he will be out sooner or later anyways. No more garbage, no more loud music, no more screaming mother or kids..woooohooo.. Anyways, ty to all who have gave me advice. Kim

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I'm sure the Landlord would rent it again to a better tenant. If you know of anyone that you want as a neighbor call the owner. Most owners take much better care of properties than tenants BUT their are exceptions. Best of luck with your new neighbor, whoever it is.

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i am very happy for you! its good to hear that someone finally got the bad neighbors out instead of the good neighbors being forced to move away and lose money!

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