Basements Hang drywall vertical or horizontal?

ricksampleFebruary 11, 2013

I had a friend of the family who owns his own business and gave me advise/estimate on which way to hang drywall. He said he would hang it vertically. The reason for this he said because we couldn't get 12' sheets down the basement. Most of the walls are 12' in length, so a 12' piece would be perfect to hang horizontal as 2 pieces would cover the entire wall. But if I took 8' pieces and hung them vertically, I would have less seams to mud.

I may hang it myself (with a few helpers) and have someone else do the finishing. If I hang it vertically, it may also be easier to find the outlets.

I have done my research on this and I was all for hanging it horizontally, but he does have a point. I'm just not sure since some people say hanging it vertically may result in a wavy appearance if they don't do a good job finishing.

Now they did hang the drywall horizontally in my home with 8' ceilings. When they built my garage that has 10' ceiling, the same builder hung 10' pieces vertical in the garage. I looked at that wall last night and you can't tell at all that was hung vertically. He probably took 12' pieces, cut a couple feet off and hung them vertically because it would save a lot extra cutting on the drywall and less time finishing. Kind of my situation in the basement.

Also, can I use regular gold bond drywall? The same stuff they used in my house and the basement staircase wall? This stuff is $8 a sheet compared to $13 a sheet for the mold resistant stuff.

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See here.

As long as you keep the moisture in the air below 50% relative humidity and use exhaust fans in bathrooms, standard drywall should be fine.

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