Selling Haviland and Cambrige Sets.

jon1February 23, 2011

I have a 88 piece set of Haviland Gentiane pattern. Its the whole works 12 place settings. I also have a 20 piece set of Cambridge Rosepoint glassware. I inheridet these and several other sets. What way do you think I should sell it to get the most money for it. Both sets are in link new condition. I really dont want to sell it one piece at a time as it would require A LOT of boxes and take a long time.


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You would get the most money selling it a piece at a time. I's a pain.
The china isn't worth so much that you couldn't sell it as a set. maybe $600 to $800 for all
But the rose point....hoo boy!! Big bucks! may be hard to sell right now, but you ought to have $50 per stem.....and that's a good deal for the buyer!

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What way do you think I should sell it? Just list each piece on E-bay as a "Buy it now price"
Is there really demand for this stuff?

It would require a lot of boxes if I sold it individually.

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Ack....I just looked on ebay.....and they are doing a "buy it now" for $20 a stem and less.
Apparantly now is not the time to sell!!
If you can hang on to them, I have no doubt taht they will again be selling for the price that good crystal should bring.
The post office gives free flat rate priority shipping boxes.
Linda C

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I was thinking of listing the whole set of 88 Haviland as one lot. Then list it as a "buy it now or best offer". Maybe list if for $1100-1200. I know I might not get that much but its open to negiotion.
Do you think there are people out there that would buy a large set of china??
I know I would not make quite as much money as if I were to sell it piece by piece, but its not pratical for me to sell it that way. I would need a LOT of boxes too. i would sell the Cambridge the same way.

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It doesn't matter if you piece it out or not -- you're still going to need a lot of boxes to sell something that fragile. Oh, and a lot of bubble wrap. You can get free boxes from the post office. Or you could sell it on ebay as "local pickup only". Or try Craigs list.

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I can ship it in one large box and its much more efficient than smaller ones. Are the Priority Mail Boxes large enough to hold a dinner plate or vegatable plate?
Selling it on craigs list would not get the right buyer. As its a very small market for this set.

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I'm sure you know that the haviland is "newer"? Perhaps 1970 or newer.
Have you a consignment auction house near where you are....I think that would be the best way to go and leave it up to the auctioneer as to how he sells it.

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Yes I think it was after 1970, but im not sure. I wanst even born then, I inhareted this set. I have looked at an auction house. But around here they dont sell to the right market,as they dont advertise so everything goes for pennys. Its more like a garage sale stuff.

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Replacements won't give you a ton of $$ but they're easy to deal with if you just want it to go away.

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I wonder if you wouldn't be well off to advertise in a some sort of china collecters publication or at least contact some dealers.. get some sort of references &then find out if they would want to 'come pick it up' if you are not in a real hurry to sell.. I would think it will cost a fortune to pack & mail

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