Sealing Floor UNDER leveler?

nfsivFebruary 7, 2011

So, I have searched this forum several times and found similar questions, but no solid answers.

I have a basement storage area and it gets a little moisture in it, coming through the floor, on wet days. It is not much, by no means flooding, but standing water in several areas. I would like to seal the water out none the less, and if I can level the floor at the same time that would be great. I was thinking about just pouring in a bunch of floor leveler, but it seems like those products don't react well to moisture coming in from below, even if it is low pressure. I then thought about sealing the current floor,and pouring leveler OVER that seal.

I don't really need to level the floor, but I have read the sealing products on their own only last so long, particularly in a place where they will get worn.

Any input on this proposed solution, or any other ideas/recommendations, would be greatly appreciated.


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I have never used leveler. If it is based on Portland cement, moisture should be beneficial. Contact a manufacturer of the product you are considering.

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