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yester64June 22, 2005


first, i am new to this forum and my name is joerg.

Well, this sounds alittle stupid, but how do you rent an apartment in the states ( i came 5 years ago from germany).

To this date i live with my wife at her grandma home, but we really want to move out.

But, thats not all. Currently we live in L.A.,CA (to expensive) so i thought to moving to North Carolina (where a friend lives).

I know you should have good credit (whats good?), but how you actually rent an apartment from L.A.

I just do not want to make any stupid mistakes, if possible.

If you have some tips for me, i really appreciate it.

Good night...

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Pick up any newspaper and look in the back under the apartments-for-rent listings. They may be listed according to increasing price, or by area in the city you're interested in. If you find something interesting, call the phone number and make an appointment to see it. You are probably not going to have any luck trying to rent an apartment in North Carolina while living in L.A. Ordinarily people move to a place and then look, or make a special trip. You will want to inspect the apartment and see if it seems worth the money, and most landlords will want to talk with you in person. As far as good credit, as long as you don't have a history of not paying your bills or of filing for bankruptcy, it's not a big deal. Besides using newspapers, there are often free magazines in many cities (you can usually find them at grocery stores) that list all the current places available to rent. You can also see what is listed on the Internet by using:
Craig's List

Maybe your friend can send you some newspapers or other information. However, you are going to have to do the looking in person.

If you are from Germany, you may be used to a process that is more formal and complicated than it is here. In the U.S., if you've got enough money to pay the rent and don't look like a drug dealer, it will be simple.

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Also, make sure you get a copy of that state's laws about renting houses and apartments.

Do NOT sign a lease if any places are blank. If a landlord promises something, get it in writing, with their signature.

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You may want to have a friend, who is from or has lived in the US a while, to accompany you when you see the apartments. Also, before going to North Carolina you should visit it--LA is a big city so it will be more culturaly rich and accomodating to people from other countries. Good luck.

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Thank you all for your response.
Well, to be honest, i am still not decided yet, where to move.
North Carolina was nice, but hot. But i like the lesser growted comunities. altough i am not sure if its the same liberal like California.
Another choice would be Oregon. But there i do not know anybody. You see, i am making it myself hard.
At least for the credit part, i do not have to worry. but we have to stay low, for what we will get (1 Bed).
Are there any webpages, that tell you actually how living is in the particullar state? The real living?

Regards Joerg

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You should definitely do a little research to find out where you want to live first. LA is expensive, but you could always move to an area where it is a little cheaper. I've never been to N. Carolina but it is probably not as liberal as LA. You should ask your friend there about the area. What kind of place are you looking for? (Hot or mild weather, big city or small town, what kind of job opportunities?) There are alot of things to consider. You can look online a do searches for apartments in certain areas to see prices. You can also go onto message boards (like here) and ask people who live in certain areas what the good and bad things are about the area they live in. I could give you some ideas on the northwest (washington and oregon). I live in the city of Seattle, and while it is more expensive than the surrounding areas, I would prefer to pay a little more and live closer to everything. It is all dependent on what you prefer and what your priorities are.

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See "". Pick your location....state, city metro.

Also the website of a newspaper of your place of choice will probably have an online section of rentals available.

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Contact the Better Business Bureau in the community you would like to move to and ask them to send you information on rental apartments in their area. Most will be glad to send you numerous brochures that will offer pictures and rental rates as well as many other items of interest in their community.

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Well, i did so far what everybody suggested. Now, i mad up my choice, to where to move.
Oregon it will be.
The only thing i really like to know, which city is a good choice (with cinemas, shopping). I would like to move closer to the cost, but i fear its getting expensive there.
Any places i should avoid?

So far, thanks to everybody for the tips.

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Hi there.
Try out which might help you.
Start from the "Start your Search Here" section, and fill in the details asked in there to proceed to the next pages for better selection.
I have personaly tried it and found it extremly helpful. On the next pages it will narrow down your search criterion's and will display the list of required Apartments.
Might help!!

Kevin W

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