Basement Separate from Rest of House: To build interior access?

carolbarrel07February 5, 2008

With the neighborhood we're moving into, in an urban setting, maybe it's best that the basement is on ground level and can only be accessed from outside (and the main living quarters and floor is upstairs with its own and separate entrances). I just don't know...I was considering a spiral staircase going between the two levels, to be installed in a third/spare room that will be used as an office. But it would take up quite a bit of that office space to insert stairs going down to basement and the planned rec room. Does anyone else have a basement they've finished off or have a rec room in that requires you to go outside into the elements and to another level of your house to gain entry to the main living quarters? Pros and cons please!

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My parents house used to have basement access through the garage only. She didn't like that.

They put a regualar staircase right in the living room. It's open w/ banisters. That space used to be a laundry room closet. Now they have the laundry room in the basement.

Now that she is getting older she wishes it was set up like before because she doesn't like going up and down the stairs to do laundry.

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My parents house used to have basement access through the garage only.

Reminds me of a renovated home I was in. Once in the beautifully redone basement, including a chef's kitchen (the owner was a chef) stairs led up to a 20x20 family room with a wall of glass doors to the backyard.

But I couldn't figure out where the room was. Till I realized it was originally the double garage, which on the outside still had double doors to the front. The conversion violated zoning, so was camouflaged.

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