Please help date oak chairs

nutmegerFebruary 19, 2012


I purchased 4 of these chairs from a thrift store. I'm guessing they were refinished and recovered in the 1980s. The frames are in great shape. When I got home and started taking one apart I found straw and burlap in the seat. They have springs in the seats and in 3 of the seats the springs are painful to sit on (of course I tested out the 1 good one at the store!) I think they are oak. Does anyone have any idea how old they may be? Let me know if you need more info or pics to help ID.

Thanks in advance! -- Pauline




webbing at bottom of chair:

Some of the seat stuffing:

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Yeah...Oak....1880's....very nice!!!

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1880s??!!? Seriously? Holy Cow! I purchased them from a local thrift store (for $20 each and I live outside of Wash DC!) with the intent of changing out the fabric and reselling them. Wow - now I don't want to screw them up :-) The frame and finish are in amazing shape. Its the seats that are a mess. If you were me what would you do? Contact an antique dealer or professional upholstery shop? I really don't have room to keep them. Actually, I have been thinking of starting a small business of finding, fixing up older furniture and reselling the pieces. This is like an antiques roadshow moment :) Thanks !!!

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If you dig into them, I suspect you will find that the backs were once done in cane. but that seat has been re-done several times.....and that salt hay stuffing sort of bound togehter with twine indicates the era I said.
Are there springs in the seat?

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Yes, there are springs in the seat - they poke at you when you sit on them. I was wondering about a cane backing too, but I haven't taken them apart that far. Thanks!

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