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doris836February 24, 2012

I have a part of a crazy quilt in a old frame and I would like to know if it is worth anything. I have looked on the internet but can,t find anything about it. It even has the needle in it. Could you please help me. Thank you so much. Doris

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I'm a quilter, and I have a section of crazy quilt hanging on my sewing room wall as well. It was a work in progress, with some sort of wooly batting showing through and the date 1918 embroidered on one of the pieces, along with a sampling of fancy embroidery stitches, different on each section like a sampler.

Crazy quilting hit an acme in Victorian times and remained popular up to the great depression. They are, of course, still being made. Made a few myself.

You can almost date when one was made by what material was used. In the beginning of their popularity, they were often made of fancy silks and velvets and more for show than use. After the turn of the century, everyone was getting in on them and they often were just as likely old clothing scraps.

Is a section worth anything? That's a hard one to answer, because value is driven by demand. Someone might fancy it as a novel piece for show, but generally unless it's a whole quilt I wouldn't expect it to bring any major money. I treasure my little wall hanging, because it was made in the era my parents were born and I can get lost in looking at the fabrics and imagining what kinds of outfits they'd be used in. But, I doubt I would get much for it if I tried to sell it.

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I bought a crazy quilt dated & name of family I paid over 800 for it.Id keep neat with needle in it why not frame it.Things like that get my creative ideas flowing.Id put the history with it,make a shadow type box,frame it to protect it

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