can this be done?

joefl1981May 24, 2008

we moved into a nice apartment complex roughly two weeks ago. my roommate and i are very happy with the apartment but want to move because of the all day and/or late night noise we hear. granted i am probably overly sensitive to this because i have never had to deal with it but i have started to have anxiety over coming home and worry when our heavy footed loud upstairs neighbors will be home. i really do not think the neighbors are being terribly loud perse, its just the building is not very well insulated for noise absorption. i cannot live with the late night sounds keeping up and disrupting my sleeping pattern its driving me crazy!

since we have only lived here two weeks i was wondering if possibly the leasing office could reassign us a different apartment, something on the top floor or perhaps even to one of the more expensive units that they have openings in.

is this just wishful dreaming or do you think with a lot of cooperation and sincerity we might be able to transfer our lease? at this point money is not a concern of ours, sanity is priceless!

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Yes, this can most certainly be done. If the same management and or owner of the apartments have properties on other grounds, you can even move there. I have done this more than once with different apartment companies. Especially if you are willing to pay more, they should be elated to move you.

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Am I missing something here? Why on earth don't you just ask the office about it? Are you afraid of some kind of backlash, or ??? The issue comes up every day in apartments, and the landlords or their reps deal with it every day, sometimes being able to help, and sometimes not, but you have to ask them.

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we would have already asked and had the ball rolling but unfortunately all my grand ideas seem to fall on federal holiday weekends and the office will not be open until tuesday. i just wanted to see if it was possible or if i was in for a rude awakening. so far it seems that this will be a possibility and will be in the leasing office first thing come tuesday morning.

thanks for the info!

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Have you considered using some kind of white noise? I like to sleep with a fan on for the noise it creates and for keeping the bedroom air circulating. I used a Sleepmate (Sleep Mate?) for my babies that you can still buy online, and now DD uses one for her baby. DS taped a loop of white noise for his girlfriend to play at night in her noisy apartment. We used to play a classical FM radio station on low all night too-- one with very few commercials. Hope this helps in the interim.

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i use the white noise method already as i have two fans in our bedroom(one ceiling fan and another decorative). it helps with filtering the outside noise and random door slammings and such but the late night goings ons in the apartment above us not so much. fortunately i talked with the management team and they offered to move us if the noise did not stop within the week. of course the offering to move into the more expensive condo units was our bartering technique. my other half swore he could see dollar signs in their eyes when i mention that. lol

so far its been three days since the complaint was filed and the first day was rather loud, yesterday we didnt hear as much as a footstep and resulted in the best sleep ive had since moving in. today though it sounds as if the elephants have migrated back and they installed a bowling lane too! ;)

... i do believe we shall be moving, again.

thanks again everyone for you advice and suggestions!

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and we are off again!!

so the leasing office let us move again and fast as we movedwe are either going to be moving back into our old unit or some other unit but not where we are now. we moved into the condo section of our complex and the condos are built atop restaurants and other such stores. our unit has a large balcony with two sets of french doors to walk out onto. the problem is that the restaurant across from our condo is a popular late night hang out. we are talking til 3am every morning and our road looks like a mini block party with lots of loud conversation and even louder music and unfortunately we hear EVERYTHING. ive called the cops twice to no avail and last night i went out and started yelling for them to turn the music down.

its so bad right now i am barely sleeping due to my anxiety and i feel the need to vomit a lot. i guess its a stree reliever for the stomach??

anywho i dont care what the office says, im willing to break lease immediately or just walk out. my sanity means the world to me and its getting hard to hold back the tears when all you want is to be able to get a good nights sleep.

i do feel embarrassed and guilty for even bringing this to them since they were amazing about letting us leave.

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