Old recessed lighting - replacement

chester_grantFebruary 2, 2009

The lighting in my converted basement consistes of old square recessed lights about 12 inches square (the ceiling joists appear to be a bit more than 7 ins deep plus the horizontal ceiling drywall width). I have been unable to find replacements.

Plan "A" (the cheapest?) is to replicate these lights in some way. Any ideas on how to get recessed square lights?

If I cant get these and I have to go to plan "B" with recessed can lights. As they wouldnt individually produce the same light as they only illiminate downwards I would have to install additional lights. If I put in a "can" light in the old large square hole would need to redo the ceiling before or after the can installation - I understand the standard drill is to cut a hole in an existing ceing......Maybe the cheapest thing would be to just plug and refinish the square holes and put in canned lighting in other locations...Additional point - if I used the halogen type of lights this would mean I wouldnt have to rewire or instal a new larger panel.

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I just googled up recessed flourescent fixtures in the 12"x12" size. Try a commercial electrical company rather than the usual retail lighting store. Sure a lot easier than patching and rewiring.

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