Caulk Question

andrelaplume2February 24, 2012

I drywalled under stairway. The one corner will be difficult to get into but will be exposed to the I am not using the area for a closet....though there will be stuff stored under there. It is going to be difficult to get in there to mud and tape the corner. Is there a special caulk (paintable preferred) I could use to finish the corner or will it crack over time...or should I just leave it as is....

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Dull lighting hides a lot of sins! (I once met a young lady at a smokey club.....)

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true but if I am going to do something under there its now or there any type of caulk or just skip it.

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If you can get a caulking gun in there you can get in a bit of fiber glass tape and a long blade. Or just smear in some latex caulk as long as the "client" doesn't object. (Mine would!)

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Use a narrow drywall knife and do each side of the joint separately.

Do one side, allow it to set, then clean up the other side (scrape with a drywall knife to remove any irregularities) and do the other side.

If you use Easysand20 you can get a coat on each side in about 1 hour.

A margin trowel might be a little easier.

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And if you need a very narrow drywall knife, cut down a plastic one.

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