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mommy00May 9, 2006

I have a serious question/issue here. May 15th I will have lived in this apartment for 2 years. I got a knock on my door Saturday morning at 9am stating the landlord is terminating the lease and that I have 30 days to move. He stated that they were going to renovate the place but the people upstairs would not be getting a notice. Mind you we are a family of 4 we have 2 little boys. He also said I just want to thank you for always paying your rent ontime and being a good tenant and we will give you a great recommendation. So after all this I am so stressed out I started looking on Saturday and since then I have found nothing. It is expensive to live in Pennsylvania and I am a young mother only 21. Do not understand this whole renovation thing the landlord has not even been in my apartment in over 6 months. We have had problems with the neighbors upstairs and the landlord was here on Friday while we were working to do something for them and then the next day he shows up here and I get a certified letter. Concerned mother here anyone know anywhere I may be able to get some help finding a place?

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Do you have a written lease? If so, what does it say?

Look up the Penn laws on residential leases and eviction notices. They probably have to be in WRITING for one, and there are time limits and such.

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Well we had a written lease and then in May of last year we did not sign a lease it was a month to month lease I guess. I read that if they are renovating and if it is unsafe for you to be there while they are renovating they have to pay you $1000 to live somewhere else during that time and then let you back in when it is finished is this true?

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That is horrible. I wish I could help you out but do not know. I mean, if you have that letter stating about he has to give you 1,000.00 to stay elsewhere in meantime, then bring that to his attention. Look up laws on Pa of renters and landlords. I will search for you myself. Get back to you. Kim

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You stated that May 15th will be the second anniverary since you moved in. Typically a lease is for a period of 12 months so I suspect your current lease will reach its natural expiration date on May 15th. If that is so you have no alternative because a landlord is under no obligation to renew or extend a lease past its natural expiration.

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Sad deal. The renvoation could be for multiple reasons. The LL may be getting ready to sell the property OR wants to fix it up so he can increase the rent. Most likely you are in a month to month agreement with either party requiring a 30 day notice.

I would ask him somthing like, we really enjoyed living here and understand you wanting to fix the place up, is there anything we could do to keep our apartment? We are fine with its condition and really like it here. Or let him know you are having a hard time finding something as nice as your current apartment, and if you can't find anything comprable could you stay another month.

I would think the renovation could be put on hold for another 30 days.

Good luck

I found this on the web. Pennsilvania community legale aid. You can call Mon or Wed from 9am -11am. (215) 981-3700

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1) As for the legality of the situation...

Sounds like you are on month-to-month now, so 30 days notice is actually pretty standard.

"I read that if they are renovating and if it is unsafe for you to be there while they are renovating they have to pay you $1000 to live somewhere else during that time and then let you back in when it is finished is this true?"--IF this is true, it wouldn't apply to you. It would almost certainly be for a situation where you are in the middle of a lease; if you are on month-to-month, the landlord can simply choose to not renew you at any time, with (usually, depends on state and local regs) 30 day's notice, which he gave you.

2) It sounds like you are on good terms with the landlord. If you really think it will take longer than a month to find a place, why don't you talk to him, and see if you can negotiate a move-out date that's later; maybe 60 days? However, keep in mind that if you do that, you are then going to be responsible for paying rent until the date you agree to move out; if you find someplace to move into earlier, you might get stuck paying rent on two places for a month. Unless there's really a shortage of rentals in your area, I suspect you'd be better off sticking with the thirty days; when you find a place to move into, it's likely the new landlord will want someone to move in soon. Landlords also generally get 30 days notice that a tenant is moving out, so they don't know further ahead of time when they'll have a vacancy.

3) Craigslist is a great resource to find housing. I don't know where in pennsylvania you are, but I know craigslist has boards in both philly and pittsburgh.

Here is a link that might be useful: craigslist in pittsburgh

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Mommy00 -
You didn't renew a yearly lease, so you are on month-to-month with 30-day notice to vacate. You have been informed that you have to vacate the premises, and it appears to follow PA law. If the landlord won't withdraw that notice, you MUST LEAVE or the landlord can take you to court and it gets ugly and expensive for YOU.

I read that if they are renovating and if it is unsafe for you to be there while they are renovating they have to pay you $1000 to live somewhere else during that time and then let you back in when it is finished is this true?

Not if your lease is up and you have been told to move ... this only applies if renovations during your legal term of residence affect you. Most landlords renovate between tenants, not during a tenant's lease term.

For example, if a complex is having sewer repairs done and there will be no water for 2 days, the landlord MUST pay for your stay somewhere for that time.

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