How to cover a basement pole?

blue_fastbackFebruary 4, 2006

I have one pole that I am looking for ideas on how to cover it up. I have been remodeling my basement for ever and it is down to doing something with it. I have seen 2 systems so far. One is called Pole Wrap from H.D. It is small wood slates that you wrap arond the pole and glue it to the pole. It has a top and bottom collar that fits on it also. Cost starts at $40. I dont think the collars are included. The other is Lally Pole Cover. Found this last night on the internet. It is round and made out of choice of wood. It is cut in half and has a top and bottom collar. Lookks pretty good . Cost is about $150 Any feed back?

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We bricked up our remaining poles not hidden by walls. We only had two to brick up and it ended up looking very nice. We also had a wall facing you as you walk down the basement and the wall behind the wet bar to match. We had the brick guy lay the bricks the fat side up and have the grout ooze out the grout lines slightly to make it look old. It turned out very nice.

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You can frame it in by ripping 1x6 pine, oak, whatever to the correct width. Then assemble 3 of the 4 sides, either in place or on the work bench. Put the 3 sided contraption in place. Then get a can or two of that expanding foam and spray it in between the pole and the wood. As the foam expands, it will glue the pole to the wood and be as solid as a rock. Add the 4th side either before the foam drys or let it dry, check for good contact and then foam in the 4th side.

I have not done this yet, but have seen it done. Much faster than framing the poles in with 2x4 and then boxing them in. Good luck

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I used the pole wrap but didn't use their isn't needed at the bottom where it hits carpet and at the top I just took it right up to the white painted drywall ceiling, ran a bead of white caulk to fill the small gap and it looks nice. This way you minimize the size of the pole. Any other option, no matter how well it's done, makes them bigger. In some basements bigger isn't an issue and there are a lot of nice ways to bury them inside wood or brick or glass block but in my case I wanted to keep them to a minimum.

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I would love to use glass block but it would make it to big. Thanks for the input.


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This is what we are tentatively planning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lallly column covers

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That is what I was also looking at.


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I framed mine out as a rectangle (like a sofit) with 2x2s & sheetrocked around it using 4 metal corner beads. Then I did regular baseboard molding at the floor. I think it looks really good with the style of my house & it's held up fine for 10 years. Columns would have been out of place with the contemporary style of my house. As I recall, I built 2- 2x2 boxes, nailed them off floor & ceiling & rocked around them.

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wow those covers look pricey -
ours will all be in walls by design...

unless we eliminate an extra room in there which we may - then we will have one exposed -
which I we will box off with pine, and nice wood trim (all painted) to make it look like a NICE colum for a FRACTION of that price - but it will be square...

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I decided to make it out of 1x6 pine, I ripped the pine down and assembled 3 sides on the bench. I sprayed the foam in it and clamped it to the pole . The following day I installed the 4th piece. It worked great and cost about $50. I will probly and a nice molding at the top. Thanks for all the ideas.

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I was thinking about wrapping mine with thick hemp type rope.


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This is what I did. I hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Cover A Lally Column In A Basement Remodel

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I was searching hours on the net and finally found this...sounds like a nice solution. Anyone ever use these?

Here is a link that might be useful: This sounds like a good solution

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COOL! Where do get those?

how many cans of expanding foam did you need?

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Its been a while but I think 1 can is all I needed.

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