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lin1886May 22, 2006

I read the post by coach4lizzy on smoke in the townhouse from the neighboring apartments....Good to know I'm not the only one with this trouble. The smoke in my living room is coming from the new renters in the apartment below up thru the air vents. I was going to try charcol filters in the registers - any other ideas that I can try? Also, the smoke is not always coming from legal cigarettes by the smell - is this something I should mention to my landlord? I'm not a prude but I don't want my cats to get stoned either! Thanks for any input/ideas.


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Don't be affraid to by pass the landlord and call the cops on the "other" cigarettes. I am a landlord and its tough to do anything with this uness its proven and I need the police to prove it. I would mention it to the landlord first so they can let the tenants know its a drug free building but they have had complaints.

Ozone machines work wonders. They get rid of really bad smells but also keep places smelling clean.

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I dont understand the vent systems, are they from all the apts to a duct that connects to outside air?

Because if it is, weather its smoke or just a regular house scents, who would want to smell anyone elses smells. Cant you just cover the vent with something so no air would come through at all. If you have windows, the vents are really unnecessary anyway, right?

Also, even if they are smoking anything that is not legal, if they arent bothering you, I would not say anything. Nothing is worse than living around neighbors that dont get along and fight, its just miserable.

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I guess it's my ignorance, but if someone else is smoking something illegal, doesn't it get into your system too. It could possibly show up during drug testing by an employer. Several years ago when I was graduating, a fellow student lost out on a job offer because he couldn't pass a drug screen. He wasn't into drugs, but often attended rock concerts. The drug was was in his system.

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Thanks nfllifer, I'll try looking for an ozone machine. The landlord has a 2nd business that he runs from this property and has the 1st floor as his offices so he is here late most nights. If it becomes a constant problem with illegal substances I'll let him try to handle it first.

Nightcrawler1961, I could cover the vents with something so no air comes thru but that won't help in the winter when I need heat. Living in western PA gets mighty cold.

I don't understand the vent system in this place either. Its an old giant house that was converted into 3 apartment units. 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor. I'm on the 3rd floor.

Also, I appreciate not wanting to rock the boat but I don't want to be breathing in anyone's second hand smoke legal or illegal. And I don't want my cats who are at floor level with the vents breathing it in. I don't want anything I own to smell of his second hand smoke. I don't oppose smokers or smoking at all. Many of my friends do, but I don't want it in my apartment.

I think Adellabedella might have a valid point about inhaling illegal smoke enter one's system. I'll have to research it but I think it can show up in your system. Working for public education that could be bad for me, let alone the health of my animals.

Thanks all for your input. I appreciate it and I'm glad I found this forum.

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Ok, now I understand the system, I didnt realize it was for heat also, I thought is was just an air vent that some apts have when there is no window usually in the bathroom or kitchen, hallway.
ofcourse you need heat, totally agree. I dont blame you, i would not want to smell it either, i am also a non smoker and do not like it.
Its going to be hard since it was originaly 1 giant house, then divided into apts.

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You are very right about it going to be difficult. But I am willing to do the things that I can (filters etc). If I can't solve it I'll ask my landlord to look into what he can do - maybe additional or better filters in other places in the stucture. He's pretty accomodating and we have a good rapore. I'm actively looking for a house (to rent or buy) so if I'm lucky maybe I'll find one. I don't want any trouble here by any means. My Landlord has been a Godsend and a gem and I respect that and him.

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Air travels from apartment to apartment without vents. My buildings are all hot water heated with no vents. Buildings are designed to breath. Air passes through floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

I believe smells are more and more an issue do to the lack of smokers today AND non smoking areas. At a red light with my windows all closed I am able to smell a cigarette from a vehicle ahead or behind me. I am sure it was there in the past when I was a child but I believe I was more accustom to it and didn't notice it.

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Wow, I thought it was only me, But I too can also smell smoke when Im driving and the car in front of me smokes.
It just gets everywhere.......eek !!

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