Monarch sewing machine

damascusannieFebruary 27, 2008

For the gal with the questions about her Monarch:

It will most likely be a Japanese made 15 class machine. Does it have a plate at the base of the upright pillar that says "Precision Deluxe" or something like that? If it does, it's definitely a post-war Japanese 15. These flooded the American market under an almost limitless assortment of names. They came in several colors, black and turquoise are the most common but we also see blue, pink (most sought after by collectors), white, mocha and two-toned (also highly sought). They are fun to collect because they are quite common and still reasonably priced.

These are great machines. I use them for free-motion quilting and keep at least two on hand at all time. If it's a portable, you can get replacement motors and foot-pedals very reasonably. I can give you the name of a supplier if you need one.


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Thanx Annie. It does say "Precision Deluxe", and after a closer look, "Made In Japan". It is still in the original cabinet, and other than needing rewiring, should be in good order, as it's not too dirty. If I could get the motor open, I could rewire it myself. I appreciate the information!

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Keep me posted on your progress. They are excellent machines.


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Annie, can you tell me anything about the "Black with Gold" trim Dial-O-Matic Monarch Sewing Machine. Year made, value, etc. It is a great quilting machine, and other than the portable carrying case showing some age, the machine is in excellent condition.

Thank you,

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Deborah: I really can't tell you the year made. Here's the deal, when the Marshall Plan went into effect in Japan after WWII, one of the things we did was basically give the plans for the Singer 15 sewing machine to them. It was felt that because Japan already had a well-trained factory system, including the ability to make high-grade steel, that sewing machines would be a good export product for them. Were they ever! The American and European markets were flooded with high-quality, inexpensive machines and in just a few years, most American manufacturers were forced out of business or bought out by Japanese companies. What this means for a collector is that the Japanese machines are common--more common than American machines of the same era--and therefore have minimal value in and of themselves. On the other hand, for a seamstress they are a bargain! For $20-50, you can get a really nice Japanese 15 and have a sewing machine that will out-sew a cheap new machine any day of the week. I use mine in my professional quilting business and regularly clean and refurbish them for resale to beginning quilters who need a reliable, easy to use first machine.


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Thank you! I also have an American Home model 910, and a Dressmaker model KNS-1000. Do you know anything about either of these machines?

I felt I was lucky to find all three machines, in their original cases with accessories and owners manuals included all for $55.00.

And ALL in good working condition also.


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Deborah: It sounds like you need to check out some sewing machine forums. I recommend wefixit at yahoo for starters. They'll know more about these "modern" machines. My newest machine is a 1950s zig-zagger!


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where can i find a owners manual even if copied

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

where can i find a owners manual even if copied
If it is an older machine, you might try the link below to see if she sells it.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Treadlers Village

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