Framing basement over radiant tubing

savemecashFebruary 6, 2009

We had radiant heat installed in our poured basement floor during construction. We are about ready to start the basement finishing process and have no idea how to locate the tubing in order to avoid it.

Our biggest fear is that the framer will pierce the tubing when he puts up the interior walls.

Is there a way to frame that doesn't require shooting nails into the plates and concrete floor?

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I've found that the bottom plates can be secured with as little as 3/4" penetration. On a 6" slab that leaves plenty of safety room. (It's still unnerving!)

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Forget fastening to the floor.Use a good glue like power grab heavy duty and you will not have any problems.Thats what I did and no problems after 3 years.

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The wood must be held tight until the glue sets. How do you plan to do that?

Even LocTite's own advertising bumpf advises(Go to Demonstration) that Power Grab "reduces the need for screws" etc. not eliminates it.

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Well I think your making it out to be harder then it is.JMO.

The bottom plate it held down by the glue and the pressure from the studs and top plate fastened against the floor joists.Mine has held without failure for 3 years now.Do what you want just trying to give another way of doing thing without possibly hitting tubing in floor.

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