Fed Up With My Condo

dsf767May 14, 2014

I just can't take this anymore over the last year living in my condo has been nothing less then Hell.

About a year and a half ago a couple moved into the unit above me and from when I have talked to them seem like nice people. They have a young child that runs all over their unit and I have no complained once because it is a child and I understand children will run.

That is not what I am so upset about, about 6 months ago the ceiling in my bathroom started to peel from a water issue above, I called the condo management and they checked upstairs and did not find any obvious leaks. I was planning on remodeling my bathroom anyway so I did not make a big deal over this.

Fast forward, I started my bathroom remodel and found a rogue uncapped ice maker line in the ceiling from the unit kitchen sink above when I was demoing the bathroom, we thought we found the source of the leak, I remodel the bathroom and am very happy with the outcome.

Fast forward about another month to present time, a strip of the brand new ceiling start to turn a slight yellow I thought maybe a bit of mud was left unpainted and moisture was getting to it so it just needed a coat of paint, well guess what about 2 days later a small crack has formed and water has on 2 occasions come dripping down into my bathroom. Now this is not a constant thing it goes away from a few days then comes back so i cant imagine its a leak up there are they just being so careless that they are spilling water all over the floor?

I have talked to the condo management at least 10 times and he always says he is going to talk to them then come fix the ceiling. Before the remodel the ceiling was fixed once, then I let it go because of the remodel and lo and behold it is happening again.

The manager of the condo is always mad at me when I call but what does he expect none of this is my fault and I should not have to live like this!

To top it all off at some point within the net year I want to put my unit on the market to be sold there is no way this can happen if the ceiling keep dripping down water like crazy, it is beyond frustrating and I am at a loss of what to do anymore!

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The first thing to do is pull out all the paperwork on the condo agreement. Somewhere in there, it states who is responsible for what water leakage.

Then go to the entire condo board with this situation, not just the manager. Explain that you have tried to work through the manager, but you are not getting results. You thought the leak was found and repaired, but you are still getting water damage in your bathroom.

The thing is, water drips. And it may not just be dripping into your bathroom--some of it could be running off elsewhere and causing mold or rot in other parts of the building.

You don't want the ceiling fixed until the source of the leak is found and corrected. This has been going on for 6 months and you are getting tired of waiting. There is the potential for damage to the building, not just your unit. And the potential for mold issues. Both of which could lower property values for everyone in the building, not just you.

Give the board a one month deadline to fix the problem before getting your lawyer involved.

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In our condo, unless the leak is from common (building structure) pipes, you need to contact your neighbor to have them fix their problem. The Board does not get involved. If they don't fix the problem, you have to take them to court.

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