Uneven Concrete Floor

tio76February 3, 2007

We are in the process of finishing our basement and the concrete work in there is some of the worst I have ever seen. There are many areas that are not level which would not be to bad but there are lots "seams" were the concrete is raised .25-.5" for the length of a room. What can I do about these? Would a concrete grinder take care of these? Is this something I can take care of my self or would it be better to hire a concrete worker? This is not an isolated problem in the basement but can be found though out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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My contractor used a self level product. It looked like a thin runny concrete mixture that is applied to the floor. It fills in any cracks and settles in the lower level areas of the floor making it level with the higher areas. I don't know the name of the product but he purchased it at Home Depot.

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Dash patch

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I have used the self leveling compund from HD in my basement in a few spots that were not level at all. I added adouut an inch or so and it worked fine.

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