What if not approved?

murdatapesMay 24, 2006


I would like to know what if you are not approved for an apartment, what are the other ways you can get in? The reason I ask, is because I am (or trying to ) get my own at the end of the summer, and want to make sure I know other options if I do not.


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I don't fully understand your question, are you asking if you are not approved is there a way that you can force someone to rent an apartment to you?

Most LL run a credit check to make sure you don't have any previous EVICTIONS on your credit report. Then the take in account your monthly income to determine if you can aford the rent.

If you have a problem with your credit you maybe able to talk about your situation with the LL. If you have low income, you may want to consider having a room mate.

If the LL has no grounds to not allow you to move into the apartment, why would you want to? You do not want to start off a rental relationship like that.

Move on, find another apartment, it's not worth the stress or agravation.

Hope this was the question you were asking,


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If you are worried about your credit, you might steer clear of the big apartment complexes and look for a single unit with a local owner and plead your case. You might offer (if you can) an extra month's rent as additional security. If a credit check is going to reveal problems that you can offer a reasonable explanation for, try bringing it up before the potential landlord checks. A friend of mine who had just gone through a bankruptcy and a divorce was able to do this. She was very upfront about her circumstances. Fortunately, she had a good job history, so they gave her the apartment, although she had to put up additional $$$ for the deposit to get in.

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if you don't know how your credit is, be sure to check. If you spot some dings because of late payments, you should know that you can raise your score considerably in a short time (automatic online payments of regular bills can be a help)

If you can't get the apartment you want, you could try to be someone else's roommate for a while until you get your finances or work history in order.

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