sillymesillyneMay 27, 2006

Cripes! I can't help it....I've read this forum, off and on, for as long as I've been around ALL of the forums.

My take? You're all NUTS! Just about every post is about expecting those that live around you should NOT expect to enjoy their space.. a space that they pay for, just as you do.

OR, posts come from nasty LL who expect tentants to be grateful for shitty surroundings, all the while, paying through the nose.

If you live in an apartment...get used to the fact that folks will live above, below and aside you. And, yes, sound is magnified....but let's face it, every day normal living sounds are to be expected!

Really, I don't mean to be insulting.... or harsh... BUT you DO sound like nutcakes! If you hate apartment living, so much, why do it? I do realize that cost does come into play..availability, etc.,

I rent, not an apartment, but a small house... I do appreciate the fact that nobody is above or below me, and it really is wonderful to have my own, somewhat, private entrance. On the other hand, my closest neighbors on ALL sides of us are less than 15 feet and as close as 7 feet.... So, we ARE on top of each other. We've lived here for 13 years... we've figured out how to coexist... so can you, if you are, truly, interested in doing so.

Before this, we lived in a 4 story apartment building...we had a nutty downstairs neighbor who thought nothing of taking a broom handle to her ceiling to bang on our floor to express her displeasure of our simply walking above her. NUTS! Yes! She was nuts... and so is/was anyone who blames a tentant above them for normal living. Before that, we were a downstairs tentant... we are sane enough to realize what is normal, everyday living, from up above!

Silly ~~~ my screen name... but in this case, silly fits just about all of you

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Meant to add that I've seen outragous "complaints" from people/posters expecting other tenants to put up with drums and such,...BS! Be reasonable, folks!


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not sure what your point is. on the one hand you think those who complain about noise are nuts, and then turn around and say those who accuse others of complaining about their own noise are also nuts.

personally i appreciate the input about house living, but the only insanity involved here is that of individuals who do not know the first thing about coexistence, like my downstairs neighbors who, on a holiday weekend and a memorial at that, just began listening to their crap music 930 in the morning.

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I agree neoadorable, on the coexistence point. Some ppl don't know how to repect the rights of others that share their environment. Regardless of my own rights I try and not do things that I know will cause my apartment-mates distress even if I want to.

Having said that I came to this forum seeking advice and ideas on how to alter my own surroundings to minimize the effects of others inability to coexist, not to try and change others behavior. I realize they have the same rights as me, yet I have the right to try and minimize their impact on me until I can afford to buy or rent a single dwelling.

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please don't move into a house... i'll be out of work. after 25 years in multihousing maintenance i've come to realize the reasons people live in apartments. irresonsibility, laziness, need someone to yell at without reprocussion, need someone to cry to.
Come home drunk? Loose your keys at 2:00 am? call maintenance! Didn't pay your rent yet because you can't manage money? Come on in and scream at the manager. It's their fault you spent the money on something else and you don't have your priorities straight. And besides, who wants to "mow the grass every weekend?" At Losers Landing we have landscapers to mow and porters to pick up after us! Fighting with your significant other tonight? Take it out on that door over there, maintenance will replace it. Junior got a hold of a toothebrush and now you can't find it? I bet thats why the toilet keeps stopping up. Having a house includes having the responsibilities most apartment dwellers don't. And thanks God for them and their pointed little heads, because they keep me in a job!

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"And thanks God for them and their pointed little heads, because they keep me in a job!"

And keep money in my pocket! Seriously though many of my tenants could not live on their own. They need a Landlord! A lot of my other tenants are interns or residents. They want to live in my unit for a year before making a commitment on any neighborhood.

The original post makes little sense to me.

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losers landing...heh heh that's a good one! like it.

for most i think living in apartments is a compromise, particularly in larger cities where apt's tend to dominate the "trendy" downtown scenes. i disagree that most apt's dwellers can't manage a house.

and lin, the more power to you, wish you were my neighbor instead of the subhumans i got at the moment. for your information, the only right people have in apt's with regard to coexisting is quiet enjoyment and decent housing. making noise and bothering others, even if it seems "part of life" as is often made a point here, isn't a right, it's a privilege.

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While there certainly is truth to the "Loser's Landing" concept, not everyone stuck in an apartment is irresponsible, lazy, stupid, or clueless. Some of us are stuck there because of insanely high local housing prices - if you didn't have a good amount of money or a home to sell when real estate started its crazy upward spiral, you were basically locked out.

When homes become affordable again in the area - and by that, I mean that I can pay all the payments without depending upon: teaser rates, interest rates not rising, huge raises in the future, or "flipping" the house in a few years and making a huge profit, many folks will escape the misery of apartment life. Right now, I *could* buy a home, if I was willing to make the home my only real source of savings (barring my 401k). That's not acceptable - one fire, flood, or whatever, and suddenly I'd be ruined. Nope... not acceptable at all.

But getting back to the point, yep, plenty of the folks around my complex are sub-human, shambling idiots who can barely hold a job or plan more than an hour ahead. They need somebody to clean up after them since they can't function in society.

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i live in an apt. for now cuz i must. do i want to? no way! but as a student what else is there for me? im already in debt for my schooling. if landlords cared, (which they dont, not one of them,) then this wouldnt be a problem, but the majority of people who live in apartments have children and are stupid young people who had those kids before they did anything with their lives to deserve to procreate. so i agree that noise is to be expected on two levels:
1.) Those that have kids that they cant afford, will live in an apartment that has "cheap" rent to be barely afforded. (making persons like me, who need lower cost rent for a more productive reason not be able to stand to live in such a place due to the noise)

2.) Apartments are close living, walking and everday movement noises is to be expected

and on both of those levels, the people you find in apartments (excluding condo's and downtown lofts) are the kind of people that will be ignorant enough (due to lack of guidance or education) to completely ignore your plea's for silence. I have learned my lesson. If i want to have peace in the place i call home, then i have to pay out of the pocket for it. Otherwise, i can stay living cheaply, but then i would be in "their" world. according to people like my upstairs neighbors, they've made it. to them, this hole is home thats why theyre so comfortable.

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hahaha I have to agree with some of your posts. Some of the people who live in the 3 buildings that make up our apartment complex are the weirdest and laziest people I have seen. But what can I do? I have to live here since there is nothing else to rent in our town. Unfortunate as it is, I like where I live! My downstairs neighbours are loud at times, but so are we. I don't complain on her and she doesn't complain on me.
My upstairs neighbours were loud when they moved in but other tenants complained about his repairing furniture after 11 pm and it stopped after a few days. They are actually really quiet people.
And my thoughts are so what if someone is playing their music loud at 9:30 in the morning...I am up at 7 and sometimes I sing in the shower! Yikes, I don't know what could be worse!
I say hi to all my neighbours, even the most weirdest ones. I am nice and courteous and keep my nose out of others business. Now that's a problem I find in every building I've lived in, people don't know how to keep their noses to themselves!

We have four children and contrary to the post above me...we can afford them :) And in all our years as apartment dwellers, we have never had a complaint! (watch me get one tomorrow now! haha!) There are just no other rentals in town, so we must live in an appartment or buy a house. We transfer a lot and we don't expect to be here for much longer and will have to transfer to a new area.
So we live here and for the most part, we enjoy it and hey if they can live with me, I can live with them!

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I'm a homeowner now after having lived in apartments for the last 17 years. It is actually kind of funny how I miss the little noises of having peolpe around me. I always had a lower unit so I miss the footfalls, the booming bass and chats across the patio. I admit that I was lucky to have fairly good neighbors most of the time. The real joke on me is that I now have a couple in the house next door who have absolutely no clue about home ownership and are worse than any apartment neighbors I've ever had.

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donslilz has some issues:

I'm a landlord and care a lot about my tenants. I have many close friends who used to be tenants. I was in ones wedding and invited many to mine. (I manage almost 50 units now, so its not some Ma and Pa operation)

Most of my tenants either can't handle the responsibilites of home ownership, are living here temporarily, just went through a divorce, are students, or young people such as yourself. In debt because of their own choices.

Its not your landlords fault you were unable to go through school without accumulating debt. Its not your LL fault you made the financial decisions you have.

I have two siblings who have 4 year degrees and both had no financial aid or help from my parents. One is a year away from his grad. He worked a few years and is finishing his education part time. I decided to invest my college savings into a 4-plex instead of school.

You made the choice a long time ago to be a tenant and you chose to live next to your neighbors, and live in your apartment.

And since you have become somewhat of a God what does one have to do in order to deserve the right to procreate?

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