Wall/Floor joint in basement

chpwamanFebruary 27, 2008

Hi all,

I'm getting ready to finish my basement, my plans are to put up XPS and a 2x4 stud wall with drywall. Before I do this, I wondered if I needed to do anything with the space where the floor and poured wall meet? I can't seem to find any definitive answer. I have no water problems and only have a few hairline cracks in the wall, with no evidence of water since the house was built 2 years ago. I thought about just putting some drylock on the areas with the cracks, but am mostly wondering about the wall/floor joint. Do I just leave it as is and proceed with my plans or do I need to seal this up with something...if so, what? Thanks.

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A crystalline grout can be used at the cold joint. But if you have a dimpled membrane or similar waterproofing system on the exterior, and there are no special conditions or evidence of water seepage, it's likely overkill.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crystalline Grout

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You can also use a self leveling polyurethane caulk. You would need to stuff a foam backer rod into the gap first, since the caulk is runny enough that it will just flow down to the bottom otherwise


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I think he may be talking about the rim joist area. Chpwaman, do you mean the space above the wall (all around the perimeter of the basement)? If so, any/all air gaps first get sealed with caulk or foam, then add insulation.

Getting a professional to spray foam up there is a good way to go. Sometimes folks put fiberglass insulation there, but I've heard that fiberglass can retain moisture (not a good thing for that area), so foam is better. (I used solid foam pieces for our basement, cut to fit, then sealed edges with spray foam - trouble with that is that you have to hold those spray cans upside-down, and it's very difficult in that area (no room to maneuver the cans).

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No...I was asking about the cold joint as worthy called it...the area where the basement floor and basement walls meet. There is a small gap all the way around the basement.

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