Cleaning painted Indian brass?

Fori is not pleasedFebruary 4, 2012

Let's call them "collectible"--they aren't antiques. I've got some Indian brass (I think) that is engraved and painted. I think they're what people used to buy as souvenirs when they went to India.

Anyway, I'd like to clean them without removing the paint. I don't know anything about the technique used to apply paint (or it there even IS a standard technique) and if it would be safe to try to clean these. Anyone know?

(Do you even know what I'm talking about or do I need a picture? :p)

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don't know what you are talking about!.....would a gentle rub with Brasso work?

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Fori is not pleased

This one isn't too bad. I'm not sure if this is Indian but it's the same sort of work, just with more paint. I wouldn't try to polish this one. It's more of a "how I want the others to look".

These candlesticks are pretty bad--the waxy and dirty.

I don't know how well the paint is stuck on and I don't want to test it! Maybe they just aren't supposed to shine.

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