Delta FL vs. XPS vs. no insulation for basement floor

kkal474February 12, 2009

We are in the process of trying to figure out how to deal with the floor of our soon to be finished basement. We are most likely going to be spray-foaming the walls for insulation but are confused as to what to do with the floor. Hubby just wants to put down carpet with a thick pad and call it a day. This is the way has done it in previous basements and he said it worked fine. To me this sounds cold and potentially damp. I want warm floors!!

Right now we are looking at doing XPS under OSB/Plywood for the subfloor but I have read about some other systems and wonder if they are at all better or warmer than this system.

One of them is the DeltaFL membrane and the other is DriCore. Which is better?? If using XPS should there be a vapor barrier installed underneath the XPS?

We don't want to spend more money than we need to but also want to do this right. We are probably going to go buy a carpet remnant and put it over padding and over a sheet of XPS and see what the difference feels like but I would love some info on the other systems.



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Removing carpet pad and trying to salvage carpet can be a pain if a flood occurrs...this happened to us once in 17 years at our old home. The only thing worse would be having to rip up XPS, plywood, Dri Core etc. I have to believe in a real flood any of these would be a mess. If the chance of flood is remote, weight the options of dealing with each. I personally am leaning towards pad and carpet and some sort of tile in area more prone to water...water heater, washer etc. I wonder if the concrete should be sealed with something first. I also wonder how that speckled garage floor paint would hold up.

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I've heard bad things about the speckled epoxy paint and water.
We were at a house tour a few months ago and one house had what I recall was stained concrete in the basement media room. It looked good to me.

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my floor looks a little shiny to me, not dull like the walls...wonder how you tell if its safe to not sure if a sealer or someis not already over mine?

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I have to believe in a real flood any of these would be a mess.

DriCore etc. are designed to handle normal moisture driving upward through the floors and minor water leakage.

Building Science likes XPS, as it also provides insulation.

I've used low pile carpeting with no underpad in basements with satisfactory results.

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I think it might be shiny 'cause of the way the concrete is worked.

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