reason to tape joints?

andrelaplume2February 20, 2012

If I am going to put chair rail up in my basement, is there a reason to mud/tape the joint first? I hung the dw horizontally...I can do it but I make a hell of a mess...dustwise...

Also, is there a particular height for the chair rail...The one wall will have a sofa and I do not want it rubbing the wall...I am usure if a sofa is at the usual height for chair rail though and I'll need to follow that height around two other walls....I do not want it to look too heigh or low....


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Taping and mudding a wallboard joint is done for cosmetic reasons, safety (on garages to inhibit CO gas travelling into living areas) and for air sealing. On new homes, I never seal any joint that's going to be behind baseboard.

There's no"usual" height for a chair rail. It's mostly a matter of scale and proportion.

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Thanks worthy, I hate to make a mess...only to cover it up with chair rail!

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