fire pit for apt

MdmeLastrangeMay 3, 2011


A friend (who also rents at the same complex as I)and I

would like to get one of thoes fire pits/bowl..

who should we see, ask?

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Your local Fire Dept? We have one, I can't see them being permitted on an apartment balcony or patio. Open, high flame, close proximity to bldg, smoke drifting into neighbors' would be a big issue, all just a recipe for problems. Most municipalities have regulations about fires (open, pits, bonfires, etc.). If they are even permitted within city/town limits, often it's got so be xx feet from any nearby structures. But that's my experience, your mileage may vary.

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Check your lease first. My unit has a balcony and my lease clearly states that grills and anything else that has fire are not allowed. The state fire code also says that anything with a flame is not allowed.

If your lease doesn't forbid a fire pit, check with your landlord. Be sure to have all the info in hand before you contact the landlord--where you will put the fire pit, any safety features the firepit has, what type of fire extinguisher you will have on hand. If you will be using the fire pit on the ground surrounding the building, exactly where you will be, how often and what precautions you will be taking so that others aren't hurt or inconvenienced by the fire pit.

Be prepared for the landlord to say no. Fire is a hazard no matter how you look at it, and the landlord's insurance company may have the final say here.

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Thanks for your responses!

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