Stickley anyone?

Azucar_SugarFebruary 22, 2011

I just purchased a home in Miami Beach area.

I brought with me, most of the pieces from my old home. Most of them I have had and collected over the past 20 years. My decor is a mix of semi-dark wood, worn leathers and/or rich fabrics, rich in color and texture. It's my own decorating w/ no help and so far, so good.

The walls don't have a thing on them yet. I have some art, some pictures that are well framed and I want to start with a clean canvas and then keep adding once I have the furniture in its place. That's the background of my home's decor. Hope I did not put you to sleep.

I am looking to add two Stickley chairs to my living room. The bold lines and minimal look will give balance to the push/cozy feel of the area.

My question - Am I better off going with two new chairs from their store or would I be wise to put those funds into two older pieces.

Have any of you ever purchased any Stickley 2nd hand? At a good price?

This area, is near some affluent areas that they change furniture like I change handbags. I have a shot at finding some used furniture but am I crazy to think of finding used Stickley?

I also worry they will not be authentic or that I will not have a good way of pricing them. Your thoughts, please. I have set aside funds for this and have held on making this purchae for a long time.

Luck stuck me when an old friend that owed me money from when she had a hard time 15 years ago sent a check in the mail for the full loan amount!! I took that as a sign that now is the time to get the pieces I have wanted for so long.

Any ideas, experience or other welcome. Thank you for reading this.


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New Stickley is marked and can be differentiated from old Stickley and new production from the 1990s on does come onto the market. It tends to sell at slightly above what typical, decent quality, used furniture from the same period sells for, at least around here. (Meaning that 1990s Stickley may get a slightly higher percentage of its original list price compared to 1990s Century, Henredon, etc.) But it is still a good value.

The vintage stuff has actually lost value since the 90s when the company had the cache of not being as heavily into new production and the celebrity interest by Striesand, Spielberg et al, who drove up the prices because they could afford to pay anything they wanted for something they liked.
Many pieces are still very pricey but the average table or chair is approachable.

It depends on whether you want the near antique stuff or the newer stuff.

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I wonder if I just attachment some silly emotion to this purchase. In doing so, I may be overlooking other similar styles, that sell for far less, but will still give the room the balance I want. I could use the funds I save for something else, but I wonder if I will always feel....I want a piece from STK and never went for it??

Maybe I need to rethink the two chairs and get one piece. By doing so, I am not limiting myself to where it will go.

I think I am going to look around, and I fall in love with something....I wil know what to do. That has to happen or it's not coming home with me.

Funny thing....when I read the names of the celebs attached to STK, it was a turn off for me. I like all of their work; I am not sure why I had that reactoin.

Thank you!! You really know your stuff!!


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Azucar.....don't rush....wait until you find something that speaks...
You may find something you didn't know you liked.....and have to have it!

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I agree, that's what I need to do. I don't need to rush to fill the space I am talking about. Like I wrote, I have to love it but it's also as you wrote.....

Thanks!! Azucar

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Have you looked at the new stuff? Perhaps it's affordable.


Here is a link that might be useful: Current Stickley

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Fori is not pleased

I priced one of their leather sofas in the past few months. Expensive but very well built. I thought it was a pretty good value, especially if you have a hard time getting rid of things like I do. I have to somehow dump my old one before I can get a new one. I'm running out of space!

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