New Upstairs Neighbors

Otown_RoseMay 25, 2005

A group a young men (2 or 3) in their 20's moved into the upstairs apartment this past weekend. The second they pulled up blasting music from their humvee I knew it was going to be bad. During that day someone tried opening our front door which was gratefully locked but it was very unnerving. That night I was awoken at 4am when they were talking with their buddies out front of the apartment by my bedroom window. I spoke with management and said that maybe because they were new they didn't know how things were and was told they would handle it.

It's been four days and we have to deal with them talking outside on their phone at 9:30pm (when I just got my daughter to bed)...I asked the guy to quiet down. The stomping up and down the stairs at all hours...vacuuming at 10:30pm and another person tried to open our door last night. Tonight, as my daughter was getting out of the shower we heard 3 loud bangs on our door which were apparently for them. They are turning our world upside down. I have lived here for 4 years and just renewed for another year when these people came in. I left another message for the office after the loud banging scared us but am at wits end.

I don't understand why the management office cannot discuss behavior with tenants before they give them the key.

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It's quite simple: Every time they wake you up, you call either the manager or the cops and report excessive noise.

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Someone trying to open my front door would freak me out. You mentioned why management would not discuss behavior with them before giving them the key; that would be nice, wouldn't it? But I think it all comes down to money - as long as they can pay the rent, they will accept them. But why should you have to suffer? We had a similiar situation with a downstair's neighbor where we previously lived and management let us out of our lease. For your own safety and peace of mind, try to do this.

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I agree with lazygardens. Call the cops AND your landlord. Wake him up. Why should he enjoy a good nights sleep at your expense?

Go over your lease with a fine tooth comb so you know exactly what your rights are. If there is anything you don't understand, ask the management to explain or take the lease to your tenants association, legal aid or housing dept.

Start a log. Buy a cheap steno pad and document EACH and EVERY time they break the rules and blast music, try to open your door, talk outside your window, etc. Write down as many details as possible.

Take pics of them sitting under your bedroom window. Have the camera ready when they pound on your front door! When you complain, don't just do it over the phone, follow it up IN WRITING. Send one to the management by certified mail or at least "return receipt requested". Save a copy for your records. Management tends to take things more seriously when you complain by the book. There is nothing like good evidence if you have to go to court to get out of your lease. I'd also suggest you keep the log under lock and key in case your management is like mine used to be. They would come in my apt. without my permission under the guise of some "emergency".

Since you were there first, ask the manager to please relocate the noisemakers to another unit, (or you to a better one). Tell them you cannot live like this and that you will have to terminate your lease due to lack of "quiet enjoyment" as detailed in the lease. It is very hard to find good tenants. Management will not find it easy to rent an apt. underneath "frat" students.

In the meantime, I'd plant a small garden with a number of rose bushes under my windows so they can't sit there anymore. I'd also put something on my front door so no one would "accidently" knock on mine. Examples: "Do not disturb", "protected by Smith and Wesson", an inexpensive feminine plaque with the apt. number on it in large clear letters, etc. See if your other neighbors have had similar problems, and ask how they rectified the situation.

You've been a good tenant for the past 4 years. You shouldn't have to put up with this.

Good luck.

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