rugby15February 5, 2008

Will I have problems if I have plastic wrapped insulation between ceiling joists in a dry basement covered by drywall? The batts are loose fitted and the space will get some air movement.


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Is this actual insulation material or something homemade?

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It's "Comfort-Therm" R-19 formaldehyde-free encapsulated batts. The joists aren't 16" on center so the batts are sitting somewhat loosly in the cavities.

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As described, their only function is to take up space. If you want them to serve another purpose, further information is needed on what that purpose is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comfort Therm

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I don't expect that it's providing any insulation, I'm just worried about moisture hence mold build up b/c of the insulation.

Basically I want to know if I have to tear down the panelling and drywall and remove the insulation.

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As long as basement relative humidity is less than 50% in the summer, I wouldn't be concerned at all.

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