How many people in a Studio Apartment

Scarlett_PAMay 8, 2004


Does anyone know how I can find out how many people can live ina Studio Apartment?


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I would check with your local Zoning Dept. Think they may have rules about that sort of thing.

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as may your landlord.

I wouldn't WANT there to be more than 2, if I were one of the residents.

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In most areas, occupancy is based on square footage, not interior subdivisions ... a big studio could have a higher limit than a small 2-bdr

Check with the zoning for your city, AND with the landlord.

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The lease usually specifies about that.. I know mine said any person staying more then 15 days and there is an extra fee..

Though, I've seen in the lower-cost apartments groups of Mexicans staying like 30 to a one-room.

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