Terrible Situation

wedontmatterMay 28, 2006

Well, 3 months ago my boyfriend decided to move into an apartment together. We looked around and decided upon a brand new apartment complex near my mothers house. We moved in and soon after, we started having trouble.

Our 3rd day of moving in we heard a lot of commotion from our upstairs neighbors and went upstairs to ask them to keep it down. Right before I knocked on the door I heard crying from a woman and yelling from a man and more banging around. I did not knock and went back down stairs to my 2nd floor apartment and called the police. There was a party up there and a man was arrested for running from the cops while drunk. Since then, we have had nothing but trouble from the upstairs neighbors and no one at the complex will do anything about it. The apartment employees were first telling us that only one girl lived there, then one girl and her baby and now they are saying that 2 girls live there. We've had the same neigbors since we moved in. There are 2 girls, a man and another man comes quite often and may live there, plus we've never heard this supposed new born baby, there are only supposed to be the 2.5 people there.

Our apartment quiet time is from 10pm to 10am and we have called the cops a lot between those times and most of the time they don't even knock on their door. The "after-hours" office number is useless, the security guard only stands by their door and listens then gives us excuses that its only the washer or dryer... how the dryer yells and walks around the apartment, he has yet to explain to me.

Also, on the first day that we moved in (keep in mind... brand new apartment) there eaten sunflower seed shells all over our carpet in the living room and caulk all over our tile in the bathroom, closet and kitchen. I had to scrub the entire apartment before even moving in also because of all the paint and spackle that was strewn everywhere. I still cant get some sticky glue stuff off a part of the tile in the kitchen. Our doors were cut badly and are straggly at the bottoms and tops, with wood chips hanging. Our dishwasher is rusted and the coup-de-gras of the situation is our kitchen cabinet that when opened too far, gets caught on moulding and makes a terrible "SNAP!" sound when we close it.

I have no problem from 10am to 10pm for anyone to make noise as long as it isnt excessive (like the little boy going down our metal stairs on his skateboard one morning at 11am). However, I won't tolerate fighting and this man beating his wife to a bloody pulp every morning at 2am. Or any time for that matter.

Last but not least, my boyfriend and I are very solemn buddhist/wiccan people, we like our space, our privacy and our peace. We try not to bother anyone but no one seems to try not to bother us. (this includes our downstairs neigbors who cant stop banging on our door at 4pm because I'm cooking dinner a little too loudly)

My boyfriend and I take our shoes off when we enter the house that way we don't make so much noise on the tile, if something needs to be moved, we do it carefully as not to make noise, we vacuum for the shortest period of time possible and the only reason we turn up our music is to drown out the fighting upstairs. We try to go out of our way to be quiet. However, apparently it isn't enough.

Does anyone else have such terrible problems with their complex? Any suggestions?

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Ask the mgmt if they have a differnet unit you could transfer your lease to. Unfortunatly I can't think of much advise. Bad upstairs neighbors, bad downstairs neighbors, bad mgmt, bad police, and bad apartment.
Start looking for something else.

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I have to agree with nfllifer, these situations aren't fixable. I would ask the mgmt company to move you to another apartment - be persistent, I am sure they will resist the first few times you ask. Failing that, break the lease and move - the people who live above you will never change and you will grow more misable as time goes on. Save yourself months and years of misery and start working on alternatives today. Best of luck.

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good advice for a change. get out of there at your convenience. you can send mgt a letter of termination, the 311 number in your jurisdiction can give you numbers of org's that can help writing one: however, DO NOT pay for this, it's free.

again, move away. if reason and patience fail, you'll only be hurting yourself by staying there.

unfortunately, there's no guarantee the next place will be better...with technology and society changing, life in apartments is likely to only get worse.

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I would suggest looking at your lease agreement carefully... I've been in the property management business for a fair few years, and many of the leases I have seen include stipulations (usually in the section titled "Use") regarding interference with the quiet enjoyment of other residents, occupants, or guests.

If something along these lines exists in your agreement, then your neighbors are in violation of theirs. Bring this to the attention of your property manager, and that should get something going.

I can't imagine that they wouldn't be aware of the terms and conditions of their own lease agreements, but it could come down to plain and simple incompetence or apathy on their part. In that case, as was said before, look for housing elsewhere.

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Get a steno pad and keep a journal of each and every time there is an incident. Document, document, document! What time, who was involved, who you spoke to, what was said, name of the cop who responded, etc. This way when its time to break your lease early a judge will look favorably at your well kept records that include witnesses.

Hopefully, you will be able to move to another unit. If not, move to a quieter neighborhood. Preferably, the second floor of a double (house). It pays to talk to the neighbors before moving into an area. They can be a wealth of information regarding problems with noise, etc.

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