Insulation Falling Down from ceiling

desjFebruary 21, 2006

When we moved in about 3 months ago, there were several areas that did not have insul, piled in a corner in basement. Since then more has fallen. Looks like a thin piece of metal holding up in some spots. Can I get this in HD? Or is there a better way to keep it up. I was thinking of using something??? that could be stapled up.


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Are the thin pieces of metal a springy wire? This is a common way to hold fiberglass batts up in place between floor joists, with the spring wire sprung as an arch between the joists. I can't remember the correct name for them right now, but someone will come along and post it. Yes, the big box stores sell them in boxes of a 100 or so. They usually hold quite well, maybe your joist spacing is a little wide and you need a wood shim tacked in place to give it more spring?

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Just thought there was an alternate since this doesn't seem to be doing the job.
Maybe we have a problem? Been in house for 4 months (5 yr old home.)
I imagine the wood could expand and contract. Previous owners did -0- to care for this house.

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Yes, you can get them at the box store. Simpson makes some, and they're with their other metal framing products. They need to be about an inch longer than the span they're covering. I've used a bunch in my basement.


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