HELP-ceiling sounds like is cracking/rattling from upst neighbor

danilynn72May 16, 2007

Hi there,

OK I've posted before asking if a neighbor has to fix a rattling or cracking ceiling as per an inspector request (I would hire an outside inspector to come listen to the noise). My neighbor has now told me she's not moving and instead her boyfriend (whose a worse stomper) is moving in.

I won't be able to deal with this anymore. My question is: Has anyone ever had it happen where your upstairs neighbor walks and your recess can lights sound like they're cracking?? It could also be the floor boards. It was always bad hearing them stomp but now it's plain out irritable hearing click, click, click, click. WHAT IS THIS?

Thing is, I don't know how to broach them about this (they are friends of my other friends). Also, if we're talking about floor boards being fixed-how BIG of a job is that?? Should I offer to pay like half for the 750 square foot soundproof padding??

Wonder how much this will all cost me?

What if they say no? Should I still get an inspector up there?



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"(I would hire an outside inspector to come listen to the noise), Should I offer to pay like half for the 750 square foot soundproof padding??"

Why would you want to use your own money to improve SOMEONE ELSE'S property. Is your landlord going to take this off of your rent?

If you can afford to pay for an inspector and soundproofing, you probably have enough for a deposit on another apt. Or, the beginning of a down payment on YOUR OWN house.

If you want to get an inspector in there, call your local tenant association or bldg department. They can give you advice about what your landlord is required (or not) to do about this.

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same problem here live in an old building, the upper people are terrrible just as well, big stompers and droppers and slammers too, my guess is that its just structure flexing and has old plaster walls and not drywall.

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