Can an inspector make an upstrs. neighbr fix floor b4 she sells?

danilynn72May 2, 2007

Hi there folks,

OK this message to open to all (especially inspectors!) Here's the situation. I own a downstairs condo and my neighbor (who's on the association board)is a loud walker and has been causing footfall noise grief since I bought 3 years ago. I have tried to talk to her about walking lighter (she does have carpet but I think all the padding is gone)but she acts like nothing is wrong. Now my recess lighting seems to be rattling and the floor sounds like it is crumbling or cracking? Has anyone ever heard of this?

The sounds can be compared to nails on a chalkboard!! I think the nails or joists or something are coming loose but the whole floor cracks and squeaks when they walk-it's horrible. She recently put the condo up for sale, but I want to get the problem fixed before a new neighbor walks in and claims its not their problem!! I called my real estate agent and she suggested having the town inspector inspect it for safety issues. Has anyone ever done this?

Also, can an inspector hold something like a lien or something to make someone fix something before they move?



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I can't advise you but I have had a very similar situation. I am very sensitive to noise esp while I sleep so I felt very confident buying in a concrete construction building, but to my surprise I soon realized I could hear my upstairs neighbor(who is also on the condo board!) almost every morning....she must have hardwood floors. The vibrations were such that the nut on my ceiling fixture kept loosening and the glass shade would fall on to my bed...fortunately I was not in it. I was reluctant to say anything as she is on the board and I hate to cause problems with neighbors. Also she is "plus-sized" and I don't want to embarress her. Amazingly in the last couple mos the noise has disappeared...and then I noticed a different vehicle in her parking spot. Did not hear she was moving but you never know. I have also lived in a rental where I had the kind of noise you describe and I had to move. Good luck!

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I called my real estate agent and she suggested having the town inspector inspect it for safety issues. Now is your chance, grab it! That way, as you say, you won't get stuck between owners. Subflooring working it's way loose from floor joists can cause all kind of creaks and moans. That happened in our home (bilevel). Fortunately the squeaky kitchen floor was above the utility room, and since utility room ceiling was unfinished there was easy access to joists and subfloor. It was simply a matter of reseating a lot of the screws and adding some new ones. In your case, with a finished ceiling, if the recessed lighting is starting to jiggle and rattle, if not addressed you could soon be looking at cracks developing in your ceiling as well? I'd get it inspected a.s.a.p.

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