rude landlady

vgrobogooseMay 16, 2006

i live in what is called an approved home. there is a family who lives upstairs and they are extremely noisy at all hour of day and landlady she is from hungary and she is rude to me sometimes. i live in calgary,alberta and have had probleeeeeeeees with landlord/ladies before and with the local housing authority. i feel that some of thes landlords do not like people who are/have a disability. i had problem with the calgary housing co, a subsidized apartments for low income tenants. basically i am in a room/boad situation with some family. there are 2 basement suites, one of which thres a noisy neigbour. they also have a dog that barks constantly, 2 teenagers who are very noisy.

I have tried to talk with the landlady and my social worker and support worker to no avail. I would like to live on my own so i don't have to deal with this anymore. by the way, subsidized housing is bad because the company treats you like a criminal, trying to rip them off. but i don't want to pay $2000.00+ a month for a place and a cheap place you get bad people in there as well. i hate it here

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I'm sorry about your living conditions. It sure sounds like a nightmare. Are you able to live on your own--or maybe with just one roommate so you could help each other out? Try talking with your social worker (in a calm and gentle way) and see what alternatives you might have. I sure hope you can get some help. Wishing you good things!

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