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insaneintosaMay 26, 2007

WOW!!! i have been reading posts about noise and apartment living for about 2 hours now! all i can say is thank god i found this site.

a little about me. I am recently divorced and very painfully left my beloved home of 4 years. I have been in a state of duress for months now. Selling the house, the divorce, the moving. etc. My nerves are frayed beyond capacity.

so i decided that rather than moving into a "cookie-cutter" apartment, i'd move into a duplex/house. Tosa is filled with them.

ok, i love the duplex. old world charm yada yada. but i came from living in the suburbs for over, what, 10 years now!!! this whold thing has been a massive adjustment.

getting to the noise part. well...i swear my upstairs neighbor is a horse! i even call her that. last thursday i almost went ninja when my 20 something upstairs gal decided to have a friend over, blaring music and singing at 11:30 at night. i went upstairs and she turned the music off. actually in hindsight, i believe she was drunk and this may have caused her lapse in judgement. (actually she drinks a lot!!!)

like many posters, i have a long-term sleep disorder and

troubles all around. not to mention, my knickname is "the mouse" to give you an idea of how quiet i am, my mother is

totally blind. as a child i could sneak around her and her keen hearing could never hear me. i am that quiet! sooo imagine the hell i have been through the last few weeks with the horse!!! i am sleep deprived and actually swearing at people. i NEVER swear. even my ex is like "uh, things are really bad for you!!!"

well........then i got to reading the "other" sides perspective. the upstairs folks and how they feel. and how they are just behaving normally and being accused of being.... a horse!!! and how they felt like they could barely live!!!!!! and hit the point home!!!

i do believe the horse isn't doing anything bizarre. granted, the weekday music blaring...wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!

but other stuff. hey, its an old house and the noise travels!! what can she honestly do!!!! although..she does bang doors...hmmmm

anyway...i am going to pull out my trusty sound machine, get some ear plugs. maybe even treat myself to those BOSE headphones that block out all noise!!! after a divorce a person deserves a treat for peace of mind!!!

hope all goes well....i am sure i will be back!

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Good that you understand that there will be noise in an older building. You've had to make a lot of adjustments but it sounds like you're doing just fine. Yeah--give yourself a treat and get the headphones. And good luck to you.

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You have a good attitude and will eventually adjust to your new surroundings. It just takes a little time for anything new. Tosa is a nice area to live in. Hey, living on the East Side you can actually be woken from noise from other houses or all the taverns on the block. I once moved into a place and found out after the fact, that the cute house next store was the frat house for MSOE! Really. I lived on Prospect once and the band basting from Snugs on weekends, shook the whole apartment building.

Good luck and happiness with your new life and stop by with updates. :)

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also remember, some places are simply louder than others. This is a new experience for you, and you may find that a "cookie cutter" apartment building might actually have less noise--unless, of course, it's wood frame like the duplex is.

it's all a learning experience, some of it more painful than others.

Good luck w/ the next stretch of your new approach. (and don't feel bad if what ou wnt to say to her is, "in all kindness, can you try stop banging the doors? I understand some noise will travel, but some effort on you part would really be appreciated.")

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